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November 2018 - A Managerial Workaround in DRG systems

On Friday November 9th, dr. RodSheaff (School of Law, Criminology and Government, University of Plymouth) will be visiting us at the Faculty of Economics and Business to talk about his latest research on 'A Managerial Workaround in DRG systems'.

Rita Santos
About Rod Sheaff

Dr. Rod Sheaff is Senior Researcher at the Plymouth University, England. Sheaffhas a degree in BA and a PhD.

BA, D.Phil. in politics, MHSM

His research fields are HealthPolicy, Implementation, Organisational Theory, International HealthSystems.

Research abstract

A Managerial Workaround inDRG systems

Managerial workarounds in the relationships between healthcare payers and providers have seldom been analysed, unlike workarounds in clinical work-processes and healthcare IT which are usually regarded as forms of implementation deficit that compromise the quality and safety of clinical work. The antecedents and character of such workarounds imply that DRG paymentssystems for hospitals are a field in which analogous managerialworkarounds would develop and impede the implementation and operation of a DRG system. Dr.Sheaff his paper tests that assumption.

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