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Centre for Public Health in Economics and Business

Faculty of Economics and Business
Centre for Public Health in Economics and Business

Public Health Brown Bag Seminar - Jenny van Doorn

When:Th 19-09-2019 12:00 - 13:00
Where:De Skibril, Duisenberg, Zernike

Speaker: Jenny van Doorn

Title: Caring or creepy? The use of social robots in health care

Technology is often seen as a solution to the challenges that the health care system faces given the increasing health care demand due to ageing populations and personnel shortages. The current generation of technological devices often already goes beyond a mere functional role and also engages its user on a social level, such as a robot doing physical exercises with the elderly or devices using speech technology to remind their users to e.g. take their medicine. In my research I explore how consumers react to such technology, and whether there are ways to overcome reluctance that in particular elderly people may feel to use it.

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