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Centre for Public Health in Economics and Business

Faculty of Economics and Business
Centre for Public Health in Economics and Business

Guest lecture Gelle Klein Ikkink

When:Tu 28-05-2019 13:00 - 15:00
The Dutch government has an important role in stimulating and monitoring healthcare improvements enabled by E-Health innovation. Research suggests that the uptake of E-Health by Dutch consumers lags behind that of many other countries, yet that our healthcare organizations are forerunners in using ICT  (Toekomstverkenning RIVM 2017).
What does that mean and how does it matter?

On Tuesday, May 28, Gelle Klein Ikkink, Program director Innovation & Healthcare Improvement will be our guest. (Ministry of VWS)

He will not only present the ministry's agenda for E-Health, but also share his thoughts on developing and effectuating these policies and discuss with you the challenges involved.

You are all invited to join the meeting.

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