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Central Medical Library


NEN standards (only for UMCG staff)

The management and ordering of NEN standards falls under the Central Medical Library.

Website NEN Connect
You can view and order all NEN standards via the NEN Connect website.

If you have a UMCG-PC of WOM, then your IP address will be recognized and you can click on the link above.
If you have a RUG-PC, you do not have access to the above website, in which case you can contact a.w.koelstra or tel: 16183.

If you have access, you will see this logo at the top of the page:

logo NEN - UMCG

Copyright standards
Standards are protected by copyright, both paper as digital. Exchanging standards is only premitted among UMCG coleagues. You may, however, exchange quotes from a NEN standard with third parties.

Order standards
If you find a standard via NEN connect that is not included in the collection (no PDF), click on the green button to request the standard:


You will then see a request screen, such as the example below. Enter your information. The aim is that you have access to the standard within 24 hours. You will receive an e-mail as soon as the standard is available.

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