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Centre for Energy Economics Research

Faculty of Economics and Business
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The list below includes all staff members of FEB, who conduct research within the field of Energy Economics.

Name Expertise
Brakman, prof. dr. S. International Economics, Globalisation, International Trade, Economics of Agglomeration, International Transfers, Exchange Rates, International Macroeconomics
Buijs, dr. ir. P. Sustainable Logistics, Logistics Collaboration, Supply Chain Management, Physical Internet, Sustainable Innovation, Alternative Fuel Transportation Systems
Dietzenbacher, prof. dr. H.W.A. Input Output Analysis, Economic Growth, Technology and Innovations, Industrial Organisation, Matrix Algebra
Haan, dr. M.A. Industrial Organisation
Heijnen, dr. P. Environmental economics, Industrial organization, (Applied) Game theory
Huitema, prof. dr. G.B. Service Management Operational Processes in Particular Accounting & Charging, Domain, Information Society, Smart Grids, Public
Hulshof, D. Energy Economics
Jepma, prof. dr. mr. C.J. International Energy & Environmental Policy, Energy & Environmental Economics, Energy System Analysis
Keller, J. PhD candidate
Kuper, dr. G.H. Macroeconometric Modelling, Energy Markets, Energy and the Macroeconomy, Sports and Statistics
Li, X. Behavioral and Experimental Economics, Information Economics, Industrial Organisation
McCarthy, dr. K.J. Strategy, Economics, Innovation and Organisation, Mergers and Acquisitions, International Business
Moraga González, prof. dr. J.L. Industrial Organisation
Mulder, prof. dr. M. Economics of Regulating Network Industries (in particular the energy industry)
Perey, P. Energy Markets, Energy Economics
Rekker, L.R. PhD candidate
Romeijnders, dr. W. Stochastic Programming
Scholtens, prof. dr. L.J.R. Corporate Social Responsibility, Socially Responsible Investing, Banking, Energy Finance, Financial Institutions (banks, pension funds, insurance companies, mutual funds, etc.), International Finance, Financial Intermediation, Financial Systems, Environmental Economics, Ethical Finance
Schoonbeek, prof. dr. L. Applied Game Theory, Industrial Organisation, Contest Theory
Soetevent, prof. dr. A.R. Industrial Economics, Behavioural Economics, Experimental Economics, Social Interactions, Charitable Giving
Veldman, dr. J. Asset Management, Maintenance, Strategic Aspects of Operations Management, Technology Management, Game Theory
Westerman, dr. W. Capital Budgeting, Corporate Finance, Working Capital
Wortmann, prof. dr. ir. J.C. Information Management
Zwart, dr. G.T.J. Agency Theory, Real Options, Corporate Finance

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