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Alan Heston's ICP memoirs

Date:01 February 2017
Author:Robert Inklaar
Alan Heston (r) with Fred Vogel
Alan Heston (r) with Fred Vogel

Alan Heston, one of the original forces behind the International Comparison Program (ICP) and the Penn World Table has drafted a memoir of these major undertakings, which have transformed international economic statistics over the past half century. We here at the GGDC are very much indebted to the work and vision of Alan and Bettina as well as that of Bob Summers and Irving Kravis. We also owe much to the continued efforts of a great many statisticians around the world, without whom ICP and PWT would only have a past, not a future. The memoir quite clearly illustrates the magnitude of the intellectual, statistical, and organizational challenges that were overcome to bring us where we now are. Thank you, Alan!

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