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GGDC Conference cancelled

Date:01 February 2021

Regrettably, the GGDC conference that was scheduled for 16-18 June 2021 has been cancelled. It has been cancelled, because it is unlikely that the conference can be held on site. Much of the goals and opportunities to meet and interact are therefore not...

PWT 10.0 has been launched

Date:15 January 2021

Today, we have launched version 10.0 of the Penn World Table. This version of the database covers 183 countries and the years from 1950 to 2019. We have incorporated the latest data from the International Comparison Program, led by the World Bank, which...

Two GGDC economists in ESB Top-40

Date:17 December 2020

Marcel Timmer and Robert Inklaar are both in the Dutch Economists Top 40, compiled annually by the journal ESB, on places 35 and 39. On the separate list of highest scoring economists in 2019, Robert Inklaar comes in at third place. The main ranking is...

Jutta Bolt

Jutta Bolt appointed to Aletta Jacobs chair

Date:16 December 2020

Jutta Bolt has just been appointed to one of the University of Groningen's Aletta Jacobs chairs. These chairs were created to give female associate professors a leg up, to achieve a less male-dominated professoriat. As GGDC, we heartily congratulate Jutta...

The hydrogen economy and employment

Date:15 December 2020

In early December, several media outlets paid attention to a report written by Bart Los and Jouke van Dijk (UG, Faculty of Spatial Sciences), about the employment impact of the large NortH2 hydrogen project for the North of the Netherlands in general and...

GGDC researchers amongst most influential researchers

Date:14 December 2020

Bart Los and Marcel Timmer are amongst the world's most influential researchers, as they have authored several papers that are amongst the most highly-cited in recent years. Check out the full list.

Bart van Ark appointed honorary professor

Date:14 December 2020

Following the appointment of Bart van Ark as director of the new Productivity Institute, he has been appointed as honorary professor at FEB to emphasise his continued engagement with the University of Groningen, see here for more details.

British Colonial Africa With Selected Cases

How Africans Shaped British Colonial Institutions: Evidence from Local Taxation

Date:04 November 2020

Jutta Bolt and Leigh Gardner published a paper in the Journal of Economic History on the role played by Africans in shaping British colonial institutions in Africa. The paper presents new data on local governments, or “Native Authorities,” to present the...

Maddison Project Database 2020

Date:04 November 2020

A new version of the Maddison Project Database has been released this week. This new version includes all available recent work by economic historians on long term economic growth and extends the income series for all countries until 2018. The 2020 update...

Workshop on measurement for structural transformation

Date:07 September 2020

On September 10 and 11, you can join a workshop that is part of the STEG project and organised by Robert Inklaar and Akos Valentinyi. The workshop will focus on how improved data or economic measurement can help shed a light on the process of structural...