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Working with students
Young talents in economics and business
Working with students Student assignment

Student Consultancy

Student Consultancy

Student Consultancy is a way of asking our talented students for advice about a problem within your company. You outline your assignment or problem and a team of economics and business students will set to work, supervised by a lecturer with experience in the business world. Problems put forward by companies can vary from a management issue to a problem relating to finance, logistics, marketing, internationalization or staff and processes.

Benefits to your organization

Benefits to your organization:

  • Concrete advice about a specific problem
  • New insights and knowledge from talented young students
  • Supervision from experienced business professionals
  • A clear report produced within 10 weeks
Companies that have worked with our students in the past

Companies that have worked with our students in the past:

  • Univé
  • Province of Friesland
  • Municipality of Groningen
  • RABO Nederland
  • Koninklijke Kentalis
  • Avebe
  • Ultraware
  • Wireless Value
  • IG Design Group
  • BAG Ned
  • Lekker Hip
  • Stiko
  • Preadyz
  • Redbag Europe
  • Beljon + Westerterp
  • Meat Proteins
  • Walas
Examples of projects that students have worked on

Examples of projects that students have worked on:

  • International market study of Eastern Europe for a machine factory
  • Digitization strategy aimed at increasing turnover via the internet for a manufacturing company
  • Positioning advice and renewal of the physical store concept for an insurance company
  • Information analysis for a large government organization
  • Optimization of the supply chain for a care institution
  • Staff satisfaction survey for an online service provider employing a large number of homeworkers
  • Questionnaire about sustainable business operations aimed at customers of a commercial bank
  • Growth strategy for a start-up in digital services
Read what other companies have said about Student Consultancy

Read what other companies have said about Student Consultancy:

‘It didn’t take the students long to get the feel of our company, the management and our activities. They used this knowledge and their skills to make an analysis and compile concrete recommendations for the company to develop new services.’

‘The student consultants helped us to set up our marketing strategy. We were so enthusiastic about their methods and recommendations that we hired them to implement the strategy too.’

‘The students’ final presentation for our management team was lucid, well-argued and persuasive. We were more than satisfied with their work, and particularly with the quality of the final report.’

Try Student Consultancy yourself

If you’d like our talented students to get to grips with your problem, contact Alieda Reijinga-van der Sluis for more information.

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