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Working with students

Young talents in economics and business
Working with students Offer an internship or job

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You can advertise your vacancy for a job, traineeship or internship to our 7,200 students via various platforms and communication channels. Advertising a vacancy is free. Students and new graduates consult our database and we send them regular newsletters with all the latest vacancies.

Our vacancy policy

This job posting service of the Faculty of Economics and Business (FEB) of the University of Groningen is intended to provide our students and recent graduates with current employment and internship opportunities. It is the user's responsibility to check the accuracy and reliability of the job posting and the company information.


  • Employers must be an equal opportunity employer adhering to ethical and legal standards of recruitment.
  • Non-direct hiring employers (defined as employers who recruit, but do not pay the salary of the employee) may not advertise.
  • All employer vacancies are set to pending status until reviewed and approved by FEB Career Services.
  • We do not charge fees for vacancy publication.

Job and internship announcement guidelines:

Type of jobs and internships that can be posted:

  • The vacancy must be of academic level (either BSC or MSc) or HBO (University of Applied Science) relevance.
  • The offered vacancy must clearly be connected to the fields of economics and business.
  • The job must not require more than three years of work experience in order to match the target group of the faculty - students and recent graduates.
  • Side jobs are only accepted if they requires an academic level and contribute to the employability of the student or recent graduate.
  • The vacancy closing date must be at least five days after the publication date.

FEB Career Services reserves the right to edit or refuse job advertisements.

How to add a vacancy

In order to add a vacancy to our job portal Highered, please use your user account log-in. Are you using the portal for the first time? Please create a new account.

Log-in with your existing user account
Log-in with your existing user account
Create a new user account, if you log-in for the first time.
Create a new user account, if you log-in for the first time.

In order to provide students information on your company, please provide some information and add your logo for brand awareness.

Create a company profile.
Create a company profile.

Have you already created a company profile previously, then you will be able to find it back by clicking the button 'pick existing company'. Once you have chosen your company from the list, the information will be filled in automatically in the vacancy form.

Use an existing company profile.
Use an existing company profile.

As a next step, please fill in all required information about the vacancy:

  • About the job
  • Employment terms
  • Experience
  • Job location
  • Search criteria
  • Publishing options
Fill in all required information about the job/vacancy ad.
Fill in all required information about the job/vacancy ad.

Have you added all needed information in order to give our talents a good impression of your company and the respective vacancy? Please click 'post job ad'.

As a next step, our team will review the job ad to make sure that all requirements are met and enough information is provided. Once the job ad has been approved, you will receive a confirmation email.

Publish your vacancy.

Finally, make sure to return to the platform at a later stage to monitor the performance of the vacancy.

Last modified:27 May 2020 10.10 a.m.
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