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Careers Week

The Careers Week is an annual event that is organized for all 7,200 students who are studying in the Faculty of Economics and Business. The event is both an introduction to the job market and an opportunity for students to work on the skills they need to build a successful career. The Careers Week is also the perfect moment for companies to meet talented students, to raise their profile and to recruit talent.

There are three ways to take part in Careers Week.

Give a workshop

Give a workshop

The workshops given during Careers Week focus on developing the talents of our students. By providing them with skills that every successful employee should have, we are increasing their future chances of success on the job market. The event is also an opportunity for your company to get to know the next generation of economists and business specialists, to help with their development and to exchange knowledge. Some of the workshops are aimed specifically at recruitment, whereby students are selected on the basis of their CV.

Raise your company’s profile

Raise your company’s profile

To our students, Careers Week is an important event that may help to carve out their future. This makes it a perfect opportunity for you to raise your company’s profile among thousands of economics and business administration students. You could, for example, have your company logo included in the communication relating to Careers Week, such as on the website, posters or flyers. Alternatively, you could share corporate information in the programme booklet or on the website.

Recruit talented students

Recruit talented students

Company Dating (one of the Careers Week activities) is an opportunity for companies to meet talented young students. In a dynamic, informal setting, you can meet students from different backgrounds through one-on-one conversations at your own stand. This is the most effective way of recruiting competent, highly motivated students and making them aware of specific opportunities or job or internship vacancies within your company. Company Dating also enables you to network with other companies and entrepreneurs.

Read what other companies have said about Careers Week

Read what other companies have said about the Careers Week:

Rik Hogendoorn - Fit Professionals of Finance:

‘Running a workshop during the Careers Week means that you can teach students something about the professional field, while also drawing positive attention to your company. Company Dating is a great way of making informal contact with students. We’re keen to meet these students, because they are the future and Fit Professionals has a lot of great jobs for financial starters.’

Juliette Rossignol - Flexport:

‘We had two reasons for taking part in the Careers Week: 1) Employer branding: we are still a young company and we take on quite a lot of young graduates, but we’d never actually been to the UG. The Careers Week was a great opportunity to expand our network; and 2) Recruiting young graduates for our operations and sales departments.’

‘Giving a workshop enabled us to show students what they could expect from us. We wanted them to see what they would be doing on a daily basis if they came to work for us. The students said that they were taking part in our workshop to get some practical experience, parallel to the theoretical knowledge they were acquiring at university.’

Christel Knoop, Recruiter Human Resources – Rabobank:

‘We took part in the Careers Week to help UG students to make the right career choice. We did this by running a workshop in which we showed them how they could shape their own careers, and how to present themselves on the job market. So it wasn’ t so much about promoting the Rabobank, but more about inspiring them and lifting the lid on application processes from the point of view of the potential employers. The students were highly motivated and enthusiastic, which meant that the workshop became an inspiring, interactive session!’

The next Careers Week will take place in 2021. To find out more about the possible benefits of this event to your company, or to sign up already, please contact Hilde Meijer, project leader Career Services and Corporate Relations.

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