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Income and Wealth activities

Date:13 September 2016

GGDC researchers played several important roles at the recent General Conference of the International Association for Research in Income and Wealth (IARIW), in Dresden. This biennial conference brings together academic researchers and official statisticians concerned about economic measurement and the causes and consequences of income and inequality. GGDC contributions included:

1) Papers on the program on globalization and jobs (Gaaitzen de Vries, Bart Los, Marcel Timmer, Aobo Jiang), industrial upgrading (Stefan Pahl), cross-country income differences and investmetn in knowledge-based assets (Wen Chen) and productivity convergence (Robert Inklaar).

2) Discussions of several papers on globalization and on gambling.

3) Organising a session on the measurement of financial services in the National Accounts.

In addition, based on new proposals, the upcoming IARIW Conference in Kopenhagen in 2018 will feature several sessions organized by GGDC researchers.

Tags: Conference, PWT, WIOD