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EU KLEMS Updates

Date:21 March 2023

Last November 2022 the original EU KLEMS project website was taken offline. Since 2007 this website hosted the initial EU KLEMS project pages and all releases constructed between 2007 and 2018. The website has been archived in its entirety using the internet archive. To keep the vintage EU KLEMS releases accessible for (replication) research purposes, all EU KLEMS data and documentation have been migrated to the Dataverse repository for research data. The data and documentation for each release has been uploaded to Dataverse as a separate dataset, each with its own DOI reference. Additionally, for each release the individual country files for output, capital input, and labour input have been combined into a single data data file for each category, along with a separate meta file which explain what information can be found in the data files. The coding for variables, sectors and countries has been harmonized as much as possible, to facilitate comparisons across the releases. An overview of all EU KLEMS releases, with references to the locations of the datasets, can be found on the updated EU KLEMS page of the GGDC website.

In addition to this, the LUISS Lab of European Economics has just published the EUKLEMS & INTANProd - Release 2023. This new dataset extends the previous 2021 release with data up to the year 2020.