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Groningen Growth and Development Centre
Faculty of Economics and Business

Groningen Growth and Development Centre

Welcome to the Groningen Growth and Development Centre (GGDC). The GGDC is a platform for research on economic growth and development. This research is largely based on a range of comprehensive databases on indicators of growth and development that the Centre compiles and maintains on a regular basis. Furthermore the GGDC organises seminars and conferences.

Making research data widely available

This website is divided into four main research areas: Productivity, Value Chains, Historical Development and Structural Change. Each area includes several databases, along with documentation, references to related research papers, as well as relevant news items and events.

For news about our most recent activities, please check out our newsfeed.


2024 Maddison Lecture by Douglas Gollin
Date:16 May 2024

On May 30,  Douglas Gollin  of Tufts and Oxford University will give the 2024 Maddison Lecture. Gollin will speak on the topic of Structural Transformation and Growth. Economists have long recognised that for a country to develop, its economy should...

The Maddison Project: New 2023 Update Illuminates Origins of Modern Economic Growth
Date:29 April 2024

The latest iteration of the Maddison Project Database, recently published in the Journal of Economic Surveys not only incorporates new time series data on GDP per capita for many countries but refined the original Maddison methodology. This makes it the...

Grant for ICT Innovation Project
Date:06 February 2024

Professors Abe de Jong and Herman de Jong received a grant of 160,000 euro for a UG ICT Innovation Fund Proposal titled Digitization of printed registries to structured data. The project’s idea is to deliver a machine learning-powered online platform to...

FEB-HIS Summer School: Financial, Economic and Business History
Date:18 January 2024

The Financial, Economic and Business History (FEB-HIS) Summer School for PhD students and Postdocs will take place in Groningen from Monday 24th June to Friday 28th June 2024. It is organised by the Faculty of Economics and Business (FEB) of the University...

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