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Hiring an International Intern

An international intern gives you the same benefits as a national one. By expanding the range of your potential candidates to also include international students you increase your potential talent pool. In addition:

  • Your company learns something about other cultures and your employers get to train their language skills.
  • You get new ideas because international students are important sources of innovation and productivity improvement.
  • You explore the market in their home countries. Companies and the government abroad trust the interns more than other company representatives. This way, closer relationships can be created.
  • You create an international image and you increase the diversity within the company.

If the internship of an international student is combined with a degree programme, or if the international student graduates at a Dutch university, you do not need a work permit to hire an international intern.

Practical advice when hiring an international intern:
  • An employer toolkit is devised to guide you in hiring international students, interns and employees.
  • This toolkit provides an overview of the applicable rules, regulations and application procedures to help you to hire talented international students in the blink of an eye.

Last modified:07 July 2017 11.06 a.m.
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