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Data Management


The Research Data policy of the University of Groningen (2015; updated in 2021) sets out in more detail University-wide principles for faculties, research institutes and researchers to comply with in relation to data management and the handling of research data. It is a general framework outlining basic principles and responsibilities for dealing with data that is usable for research that can be published or exploited, specifically:

  • data collection
  • data storage
  • data curation
  • data access

Its purpose is to ensure research integrity and innovative research supported by Open Science and FAIR data principles. This policy is based on general national and international criteria such as the  Netherlands Code of Conduct for Research Integrity and the General Data Protection Regulation.

UG Research Data Policy 2021 (ENG)
RUG Researchdatabeleid 2021 (NL)

Previous versions:
2015 Research Data Policy (PDF, memorandum in English)
2015 RUG Researchdatabeleid (PDF, memorandum in Dutch)

In many cases faculties and/or institutes have adapted the University-wide policy to their own discipline. Apart from the data policy the University of Groningen adheres to the Netherlands Code of Conduct for Research Integrity.

Faculties and Institutes Data Management Code of Conduct

The University of Groningen strongly believes in professional academic practices and ethically sound teaching and research. It is committed to academic integrity and is convinced that misbehaviour in academia must be avoided at all times. Research Data Management supports Research Integrity.
The Netherlands Code of Conduct for Research Integrity (2018)

NB: Faculties and/or Research Institutes have established specific guidelines on datamanagement in line with the overall policy of the university, tailored to their research field, methods and organisation. See the information below

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