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Data Federation Hub

Data Federation Hub

Big Data Forum

Wanneer:vr 02-11-2018 12:00 - 18:00
Waar:Remonstrantse kerk, Coehoornsingel 14, 9711 BS Groningen

Big Data: What to do with it?

  • We will be searching for innovative ways to understand and increase trust in Big Data during this event. Via a playful competition (“Idea Factory”) all participants will be generating many new ideas, new knowledge, and research proposals. The audience exists of experts from a large variety of fields and organisations
  • Among the jury of the competition are Dr. T.B.P.M. Tjin-A-Tsoi (D-G CBS) and Prof. Dr. C.W.A.M. Aarts (RUG, KNAW). The outcomes of this event will be shared in a report among the participants.
  • Do you participate and think along November 2nd? Hopefully!
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