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New blog: Data Autonomy and Open Source: a match for transparency

15 augustus 2023
Daniël Vos
Daniël Vos

Data autonomy can be understood as the process of gaining control of the information we collect and produce. By regaining control, we will be able to decide which data goes where and who can see what. This increases transparency around the use of data.

A commonly voiced solution for achieving this level of control and transparency is pursuing an organization-wide Open Source strategy. In this blogpost, I will explain how Open Source relates to data autonomy and what is required for it to work.

Daniël Vos is Project Lead of the Open Source Program Office (OSPO) at CIT and ambassador of the Data Autonomy initiative.

Roadmap to Data Autonomy

The CIT has started the discussion to investigate the possibilities of how the University of Groningen can gain more autonomy over its data in the future. Together with various representatives from across the University, we are working on a roadmap to promote data autonomy and a strategy that will enable the UG to respect, protect and promote academic freedom in the digital age.

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