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Providing access to research data on the researchers’ terms

DataverseNL is a shared service provided by several participating Dutch institutions, amongst which the University of Groningen/UMCG and DANS. This online service enables researchers to archive a wide variety of academic data (and software) in an online environment, safely and sustainably. It is an open source initiative launched by Harvard University. On the DANS website you find a factsheet about DataverseNL.

Access to data on the researchers’ terms

DataverseNL enables researchers to share data with other academics or interested parties. It should be emphasized that it is up to the researchers to decide who is entitled access to which dataset, taking into account policies by the university and research institutes, cooperation during research, privacy, IP-interests and embargo’s.
DataverseNL however, is not suitable for highly sensitive data.

Visibility and Academic Credit

DataverseNL provides tools to enable scholarly data citations to make it easier for researchers to publish their data and get credit as well as recognition for their work. DataverseNL uses global persistent URLs (handles). These links can be used in any academic publication to refer directly to the metadata and the terms of access or use of the actual data.

How does it work?

If you want to archive and publish your data for the first time in DataverseNL, just send an email to:
We will contact you for more information and provide some instructions for registering in DataverseNL. RDO will then
arrange a data set (descriptive record), whereafter you can upload the data files and other supporting documents yourself. Or, if you prefer, the RDO can do that for you.

The Research Data Office or local datamanager will then perform quality checks on metadata and support documents before publication of your data is finalized.

Researchers of GELIFES are requested to contact the Gelifes Data Manager

Frequently Asked Questions on DataverseNL

FAQ DataverseNL

More Information

Please contact the Research Data Office by email: for more information.

The following websites provide additional information:

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