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Research Integrity: Why your voice truly matters

23 October 2020
NSRI survey
NSRI survey

Since 15 October 2020 and during a month, the National Survey on Research Integrity (NSRI) is open to the entire research community in the Netherlands, across all disciplines.
The survey marks the start of the largest study ever conducted, worldwide, on research integrity.

Research integrity has become an urgent topic, especially with the open science movement. It generally refers to the principles and standards whose purpose it is to ensure validity and trustworthiness of research.

The survey will take 20-25 minutes and asks questions on a broad number of issues such as research norms, open science practices, competitiveness and work pressure to name a few. Due to the high sensitivity of some topics, the survey will use a technique known as the Randomised Response (RR) , which has been shown to elicit more honest answers around sensitive topics. More details about the NSRI, participating institutions, the research team, Steering Committee, survey methodology and a related symposium can be found at

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