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Research Research Data Management Frequenty Asked Questions

Online Guides and Courses in Research Data Management


Where can I find online courses and guides on Research Data Management and Data Protection in research


Below you find links to online Research Data Management courses and guides that are covering general principles like FAIR data, data stewardship, storage, publishing and metadating etc.
And more specific courses on discipline or topic, like Data Protection in research.
This a selection of guides that we consider useful. We welcome other suggestions, just send us an email: researchdata

Courses (general)

Essentials 4 Data Support (RDNL introduction course)

Research Data Management and Sharing (North Carolina - Edinburgh)

MANTRA Research Data Management Training (Edina - Edinburgh)

Research Data Alliance Training and Webinars (RDA)

Courses (specific)

Social Sciences: CESSDA

Life Sciences RDM training: Association for Clinical Data Management (ACDM)

Life Sciences Health Data protection: Protecting Health Data in the Modern Age  (Groningen)

RDM services: Delivering Research Data Management Services (RDNL-DCC-Edinburgh)

DPIA-Data Protection Impact Assessment: Privacy in research: asking the right questions. (Groningen)

GDPR-General Data Protection Regulation: Understanding the GDPR (Groningen)

Guides (general)

LCRDM Practical Guidelines

Dutch Tech Centre for Life Sciences (DTL) RDM Guide

University of Utrecht RDM Guide

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