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Install the Citrix Workspace

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At the first start you will be asked to set up an account:

  • The server address that must be entered is:
  • User name: fxxxxxx (fxxxxxx is the f acount obtained)
  • Password: the password associated with the f account.
  • Domain \ User: workspace \ fxxxxxx (fxxxxxx is the f number obtained)
  • An app can now be selected on the left.
  • Select the lower "Workspace Desktop" here. The icon now scrolls to the main screen.
  • Click on the white part to close the application choice.
  • Start the workspace desktop by clicking on the icon.
  • A windows desktop is now started.
  • Click on the Windows icon in the lower left corner of the workspace desktop application
  • Search for the software for transcription of audio files (for example F4*). Microsoft Word, Notepad and VLC media player are also available.

* F4 is not standard available for all faculties. Access can be requested via the CIT service desk.

Last modified:04 June 2019 3.02 p.m.