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Languages and cultures


Almost everyone has an interest in foreign countries. Maybe you like to spend your summers in France, you are planning a long trip or a day shopping across the border in Germany? There you will encounter other languages and cultures. And the more you know, the easier the contact with the locals will be. If you are doing business internationally you have surely experienced how valuable this knowledge can be. In the heart of the Faculty of Arts this knowledge can be found, for example in the study program European Languages and Cultures. Meanwhile we also keep an eye on cultures of organisations and the Dutch languages.

Bart Hollebrandse
Bart Hollebrandse

Good practices from our Faculty

“It was not only great fun, but also a very effective way to collect data."

At the Drongo language festival linguist Bart Hollebrandse won a prize with his Lab. Two years later he was testing kids at the Science Center Nemo in Amsterdam with a game and explaining them how magnificently language is structurised. More information: Baboeschka's in taal (in Dutch)

Audrey Rousse-Malpat
Audrey Rousse-Malpat

"As a researcher I should keep in mind what really happens in the classroom"

Linguist Audrey Rousse-Malpat's PhD project concerns the effectiveness of two different types of language learning methods for French. She is performing longitudinal research, following the same students in their language learning process for three years, in close co-operation with schools and teachers. This calls on her flexibility, but also opens up many chances to really improve language learning at secondary schools. More information: Effectiviteit van methodes Frans (in Dutch, English translation will follow shortly)

Leanne Schreurs
Leanne Schreurs

“My employer's suggestion to perform research on hospitality in language, was very welcome"

Leanne Schreurs teaches Spanish at the Hospitality Business School of Hogeschool Saxion, but she is also doing her PhD-project at the Faculty of Arts. Her employer Saxion is paying for her to do research on the field of hospitality in language. Hospitality is an important issue in hotels and restaurants, but is important to language education, daily life and research as well. When are we considered to act customer friendly and how is this reflected in what we say? More information: Taal en gastvrijheid (in Dutch)

Centres of Expertise

The following Centres are working in the field of languages and cultures:

National Research Agenda

Research in the Faculty of Arts in the area of languages and cultures is important to Dutch society. The National Research Agenda identified routes for societal relevant research. For this area the most important routes are:

  • Child and adolescent development, upbringing and education
  • Towards resilient societies
  • Smart liveable cities
  • Between conflict and cooperation

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