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10-Sector Database, 2007 release

The GGDC 10-Sector Database provides a long-run internationally comparable dataset on sectoral productivity performance in Asia, Europe, Latin America and the US. Variables covered in the data set are annual series of value added, output deflators, and persons employed for 10 broad sectors. It gives sectoral detail to the historical macro data in Maddison (2003) from 1950 onwards. It consists of series for 10 countries in Asia, 9 in Latin-America and 9 in Europe and the US. Read additional information and fundamental research at the bottom of this page.

Downloadable data Asia

Country Latest Update
Hong Kong June 2007
India June 2007
Indonesia June 2007
Japan June 2007
Korea June 2007
Malaysia June 2007
Philippines June 2007
Singapore June 2007
Taiwan June 2007
Thailand June 2007

Downloadable data Latin America

Country Latest Update
Argentina June 2007
Bolivia June 2007
Brazil June 2007
Chile June 2007
Colombia June 2007
Costa Rica June 2007
Mexico June 2007
Peru June 2007
Venezuela June 2007

Downloadable data OECD

Country Latest Update
West Germany October 2008
Denmark October 2008
Spain October 2008
France October 2008
Italy October 2008
Netherlands October 2008
Sweden October 2008
United Kingdom October 2008
United States October 2008

Flat files

Sources and Methods

Additional information

In the present database we distinguish between ten sectors of the economy, namely: agriculture, mining, manufacturing, construction, public utilities, retail and wholesale trade, transport and communication, finance and business services, other market services and government services.

It should be stressed that the estimates for the total economy are aggregated across sectors and that, given several adjustments at sectoral level, the aggregate results are not fully consistent with the national accounts aggregates (see the sources and methods documents). We also emphasize that value added data in this database are expressed in national prices.

Fundamental research

The data for Asia and Latin-America are based on:

  • Marcel P. Timmer and Gaaitzen J. de Vries (2007), 'A Cross-Country Database For Sectoral Employment And Productivity In Asia And Latin America, 1950-2005', GGDC Research memorandum GD-98, Groningen Growth and Development Centre, August 2007

The data for Europe and the US are based on an update of:

  • Bart van Ark (1996), Sectoral Growth Accounting and Structural Change in Post-War Europe, in B. van Ark and N.F.R. Crafts, eds., Quantitative Aspects of Post-War European Economic Growth, CEPR/Cambridge University Press, pp. 84-164

Examples of Research Based on this Database

Margaret McMillan and Dani Rodrik (2011),"Globalization, Structural Change, and Productivity Growth, February 2011"
"Inter-American Development Bank (2010), The Age of Productivity: Transforming Economies from the Bottom Up". ed. Carmen Pagès. Palgrave Macmillan.
Timmer, Marcel P. and Gaaitzen J. de Vries (2009), "Structural Change and Growth Accelerations in Asia and Latin America: A New Sectoral Data Set" Cliometrica, vol 3 (issue 2) pp. 165-190."
Timmer, Marcel P. and Gaaitzen J. de Vries (2007), "A Cross-Country Database For Sectoral Employment And Productivity In Asia And Latin America, 1950-2005", Groningen Growth and Development Centre Research Memorandum GD-98, Groningen: University of Groningen.

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