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PWT Documentation

Since its inception several releases of The Penn World Table have been published. This page gives an overview of the documentation underlying each release.

Since version 8.0, the Penn World Table has been developed by  Feenstra (University of California, Davis) and Inklaar and Timmer (University of Groningen).

Release Documentation Description
PWT 8.0-9.1 Next generation of the PWT New features as of PWT 8.0
PWT 9.1 What is new in PWT 9.1 Changes relative to PWT 9.0
Capital Services in PWT 9.1 The composition of capital and cross-country productivity comparisons
PWT 9.0 What is new in PWT 9.0 Changes relative to PWT 8.1
Human capital in PWT 9.0 Compares sources of educational attainment data across countries and motivates an alternative selection of data for PWT 9.0.
PWT 8.1 What is new in PWT 8.1 Changes relative to PWT 8.0
PWT 8.0 What is new in PWT 8.0 Changes relative to PWT 7.1
Variable correspondence PWT 7.1 versus PWT 8.0 variable correspondence
National Accounts in PWT 8.0 The sources of National Accounts data, variable definitions and accounting rules
User Guide Guide to PWT for new users
Technical guide to PWT 8.0 Companion to the Stata data and do-files; allows for customization of PWT
Outliers in PWT 8.0 The identification of outliers
Exchange rates in PWT 8.0 The explanation of and choice for particular exchange rate series

Until version 7.1, the Penn World Table was compiled by researchers at the University of Pennsylvania, including Kravis, Summers, Heston and Aten. All available documentation from this earlier period is collected here.

Release Documentation Description
PWT 7.1 Brief Note on the Tables for PWT 7.0- 7.1 Changes relative to PWT 7.0
Description of PWT 7.0 and 7.1 Sources and methods of PWT 7.1
PWT 7.0 Brief Note on the Tables for PWT 7.0 Changes relative to PWT 6.3
Description of PWT 7.0 Sources and methods of PWT 7.0
PWT 6.3 What is New in PWT 6.3 ? Changes relative to PWT 6.2
Additional Variable Definitions for PWT 6.3 Variable definitions for PWT 6.3
PWT 6.2 About PWT 6.2 Changes relative to PWT 6.1
PWT 6.1 What's new Changes relative to PWT 5.6
Appendix Variable definitions for PWT 6.1
Treatment of China in PWT 6 Construction methods of the national accounts data and price level estimation for the PRC
Technical Notes Programs and data flow in the construction of PWT 6.1
PWT 5.6

Appendix - Table of Contents

Sources and methods for PWT 5.6
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