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Groningen Growth and Development Centre
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GGDC Productivity Productivity Level Database

PLD 1997 Benchmark

Productivity Level Database

The GGDC Productivity Level database provides comparisons of output, inputs and productivity at a detailed industry level for a set of thirty OECD countries. It complements the EU KLEMS growth and productivity accounts by providing comparative levels and follows it in terms of country and industry coverage, variable definition and basic data. As such, the level and growth accounts can be used together in comparative analyses of productivity trends. Access to the data is provided below (latest update in 2008):

The database consist of 3 files. The first two files contain the basic data and provide productivity comparisons for the benchmark year 1997. The only difference between the two files is in the PPP-set used. Benchmark 1997 is based on a mix of PPPs from both the production and expenditure side. This file is our preferred option. Alternative Benchmark 1997 provides alternative estimates for 1997 based on PPPs from the expenditure side only. 2005 Extrapolation contains updates of the 1997 benchmark results to the year 2005, which is the latest year for which data is available in the EU KLEMS database as yet (March 2008 release).

Attribution requirement - When using these data (for whatever purpose), please make the following reference:

Sources and Methods

Inklaar, R. and Timmer, M.P. (2008). ‘GGDC Productivity Level Database: International Comparisons of Output, Inputs and Productivity at the Industry Level’ Groningen Growth and Development Centre Research Memorandum GD-104, Groningen: University of Groningen.
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