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Groningen Growth and Development Centre

Faculty of Economics and Business


Welcome to the Productivity Research area

In this section our databases with indicators on cross-country Productivity performance are hosted. These data sets differ in terms of country and period coverage, the sectors of the economy that are included, and the indicators that are available. As such these databases can be used to answer different types of questions regarding nations' productivity performance. The related research for each of the databases highlights some of the papers that have been written by GGDC participants using these data.

  • Penn World Table: Our main productivity database is the Penn World Table (PWT) with information on the relative levels of income, output, input and productivity. To date, 9 releases are available, differing in their country and period coverage. The latest version of the Penn World Table – PWT 9.0 – has been released on June 9 2016.
  • EU KLEMS Database: The EU KLEMS database measures economic growth, productivity, employment creation, capital formation and technological change at the industry level for all European Union member states from 1970 onwards, as well as a number of non-EU countries, such as the Australia, Canada, Japan, Korea and the U.S. This database has provided an important input to policy evaluation, in particular for the assessment of the goals concerning competitiveness and economic growth potential as established by the Lisbon and Barcelona summit goals.
  • Productivity Level Database : The Productivity Level Database gives information on relative prices and level comparisons of productivity across countries for 42 major economies.