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Groningen Growth and Development Centre

Faculty of Economics and Business

Total Economy Growth Accounting Database

The GGDC Total Economy Growth Accounting Database has been set up to assess the impact of IT on aggregate economic growth performance in the European Union and the United States. It contains data on gross fixed capital formation at constant and current prices for six assets types, including three IT assets (office equipment, communication equipment and software), together with growth rates of capital stocks and services. Total factor productivity growth is derived by combining the capital input data with growth in output and labour input in a growth accounting framework. The database covers 15 European Countries, the European Union and the United States for the period 1980-2004. Detailed annual series on all variables are provided in the country files below. A full description and analysis of the database can be found in:

Downloadable Data

Country Latest Update
Austria June 2005
Belgium June 2005
Denmark June 2005
Finland June 2005
France June 2005
Germany June 2005
Greece June 2005
Ireland June 2005
Italy June 2005
Luxembourg June 2005
Netherlands June 2005
Portugal June 2005
Spain June 2005
Sweden June 2005
United Kingdom June 2005
United States June 2005
European Union (15 countries) June 2005

Previous Version of this Database

The June 2005 set is an update of the tables of the Total Economy Growth Accounting Database (October 2003). In comparison with the previous set the database has been extended with Luxembourg and updated to 2004. As the methodology underlying this dataset did not change, the Research Memorandum mentioned above can still be consulted for a description and analysis.

Sources and Methods
Sources of the Total Economy Growth Accounting Database

Examples of Research Based on this Database

Marcel P. Timmer and Bart van Ark (2005), "Does Information And Communication Technology Drive Productivity Growth Differentials? A Comparison Of The European Union Countries And The United States", Oxford Economic Papers, 57(4), pp. 693-716.

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