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Date: September 2017
Bolt, J. and J. L. van Zanden (2014). The Maddison Project: collaborative research on historical national accounts. The Economic History Review, 67 (3): 627–651, working paper

Maddison Project working papers

Below, you will find a list of all available Maddison-Project working papers. All are available as Acrobat Reader (.pdf) files.

Title Authors Date
17 Complacent capitalism: Productivity growth and secular slowdown in the Dutch economy, 1982-2020 Arthur van Riel and Jan Luiten van Zanden January 2023
16 How many people on earth? World population 1800 1938 Population data Giovanni Federico and Antonio Tena-Junguito November 2022
15 Maddison style estimates of the evolution of the world economy. A new 2020 update Jutta Bolt and Jan Luiten van Zanden October 2020
14 A Tale of Two Transitions: The European Growth Experience, 1270-1900 Alexandra de Pleijt and Jan Luiten van Zanden February 2020
13 Historical account books as a source for quantitative history Nuno Palma September 2019
12 Historical National Accounting de Jong, Herman and Nuno Palma June 2018
11 From Convergence to Divergence: Portuguese Economic Growth, 1527-1850 PALMA, Nuno and Jaime Reis May 2018
10 Rebasing "Maddison": New Income Comparisons and the Shape of Long-Run Economic Development BOLT, Jutta Robert Inklaar, Herman de Jong and Jan Luiten van Zanden January 2018

Prices and Quantities in Historical Income Comparisons - New Income Comparisons for the late Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Century

WARD, Marianne, and John Devereux January 2018
8 Reconstruction of Regional and National Population Using Intermittent Census-type Data: The Case of Portugal, 1527-1864 PALMA, Nuno Jaime Reis, and Mengtian Zhang November 2017
7 What Makes Maddison Right? LUITEN VAN ZANDEN, Jan and Debin Ma September 2017
6 Reconstruction of Money Supply Over the Long Run: The Case of England, 1270-1870 PALMA, Nuno January 2017
5 Book review of Broadberry, Campbell, Klein, Overton, and van Leeuwen, British Economic Growth, 1270-1870 PALMA, Nuno February 2016
4 The First Update of the Maddison Project; Re-estimating Growth Before 1820 BOLT, Jutta and Jan Luiten van Zanden January 2013
3 Economic Growth in Java 1815-1939; The Reconstruction of the Historical National Accounts of a Colonial Economy van ZANDEN, Jan Luiten January 2012
2 Great War, Civil War, and Recovery: Russia's National Income, 1913 to 1928
MARKEVICH, Andrei and Mark Harrison January 2011
1 The Maddison Database for the Post WW-II Period: Updates and Issues van ARK, Bart May 2011

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