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Groningen Growth and Development Centre

Faculty of Economics and Business
Historical Development Related Projects

Taking Stock

The Amsterdam exchange, investor behaviour, and Dutch economic growth, 1870-1940

A project subsidized by NWO OC 406.20.EB.012 750,000 euro (2021-2026) Main applicants: Prof dr. Herman de Jong (UoG) and prof. dr. Abe de Jong (Monash Univ. and UoG)

This NWO-OC project investigates the function of the Amsterdam stock exchange during a highly dynamic period of growth, structural change, and crisis. Using a newly available dataset with stock prices, dividend and accounting data, the aim is to probe the stock exchange’s contribution to corporate finance and economic development, to examine how the stock exchange actually worked from its recently opened archive, and to put all this into perspective by tracking investor preferences from succession tax data. This project will run in tandem with the digitization project Gauging Past Performance at the University of Groningen and fund three research projects: one about the impact of the stock exchange for Dutch economic growth, one about its importance for optimal portfolio composition, and one about its function and performance as a securities market.

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