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Digital Competence Centre

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Training & Events

Training & Events

The DCC is actively involved in sharing digital competence with researchers and research support staff in the form of thematic and recurring training and events. With this programme, we facilitate the exchange of information and expertise between research support groups and researchers interested in developments in research IT and data.
Below you can find our current offer of training & events.

For some of the training modules offered we will group researchers of the 'Social Sciences and Humanities' and 'Science and Engineering' domains as much as possible.
For 'Medical Sciences' please look towards the training offer of the UMCG DCC.

Also check the calendar to stay up-to-date on what's coming up and get the specific dates to these courses.

Principles of hands-on data management (webinar / guest lecture)

Join this webinar to get direct practical advice on "doing" research data management within the University of Groningen. In approx. 45 minutes the DCC will update you on data management planning, best practices, storage solutions and research software, leaving plenty of time for questions.
The webinar is aimed at all researchers and research supporters of the University of Groningen and will cover:

  • Introduction / research lifecycle
  • Why do RDM?
    • Open Science / FAIR data / Policies
  • Research Data Management Planning
    • Webtool
    • Funder requirements
  • Know your data
    • Sensitivity
    • Format
    • Volume
    • Data organization
  • Metadata
  • Storage (archive, share, transfer)
    • Practical solutions and best-practices in the UG
  • Research Software
    • UG licences and third party tools

This webinar will be repeated monthly and can also be requested for educational goals as a guest lecture.

Research software management: Reproducible workflow

In this monthly workshop we will demonstrate the first steps that will enable you to achieve a reproducible workflow:

- Organize your (Git) environment: How to use Cookiecutter?

- Make your code readable: Implementing PEP8 & linting

- Make your code visible: Create your citation file.

Consultation hour: Privacy in Research

Do you wonder how the GDPR applies to your research? Do you want to know how you can handle personal data of your participants in compliance with the data protection principles of the GDPR? Or do you want some hands on advice on how to safely transfer and store personal data during and/or after your research?

You came to the right place! In this consultation hour, we will guide you through the data protection principles of the GDPR, while pointing out practical solutions to specific cases. To be able to come up with solutions that apply to your research, we encourage you to send your dilemmas in advance. After your registration, we will contact you with more details on how to do so.

Have a look at this video about your research and the GDPR.

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