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Data Management

Collect, Process & Store

Once you have written a Data Management Plan for your project, you will start collecting data for your research, either by reusing existing data created elsewhere by fellow researchers or by generating your own data, for instance through observation, experiments, simulations or source research.

The DCC offers data management support and can provide you with safe and appropriate storage solutions that also facilitate data sharing and collaboration.

Data collection

It is important to organize your data collection in a consistent and systematic way from the start of your project. Clear and detailed data documentation is essential to ensure that your data is correctly understood by others and your future self. 

Data processing

We are happy to think along with you about the most appropriate research IT solutions for processing and analyzing your data: 

  • How to de-identify personal data (anonymization, pseudonymisation). Section on De-identification
  • Working with sensitive data and/or collaborating with fellow researchers in a Virtual Research Workspace (VRW) Learn more.
  • If you would like to store and manage your data by means of the UG’s Research Data Management System (RDMS). Learn more.

You may also contact us about the data analysis and processing services provided by the CIT:

Data storage & sharing

For data storage during your research use the UWP network storage (X- or Y-drive). The benefits of using the UWP are:

  • You avoid using stand alone devices (laptops, external drives), which contain risks of data loss or data leaks 
  • Your data is backed up and can easily be restored if necessary
  • You can access the UWP network storage from everywhere through a secure (VPN) connection 
  • You can use it for collaboration with UG colleagues and students

Share and transport your data

The University of Groningen offers several secure ways to share and transport data through its own infrastructure or that of trusted partners. For advice on transferring personal data, check out the section Privacy & Data Protection.

Overview of available data sharing tools:

Unishare - By introducing Unishare the University of Groningen is meeting a demand for secure sharing of sensitive information with colleagues both in- and outside of the RUG. These files will be stored on the servers of the University of Groningen, and a signed certificate is used to ensure both privacy and safety. Via a webbrowser your files will be availa ble any place, any time, and you will be able to authorize others to access these files with guest accounts

Unishare offers 250 GB of storage at the RUG, 100 GB for guests.

Consult the Unishare manual for details about the use of Unishare. You can also send this manual to your guests.

SURFdrive - Store, synchronise and share your documents easily with SURFdrive. SURFdrive is a personal cloud service for the Dutch education and research. Your documents are kept safe and sound in the SURF community cloud.

Each user is provided with 500 GB of storage space. Offline sync allows you to access your files from anywhere at any time. It is also possible to give guest users access to files. The data is sent encrypted over the networks. Surfdrive is not being managed by the RUG, so it is not suitable when using personal data that falls under the responsibility of the RUG.

SURFfilesender - With SURFfilesender you can safely share large files (up to 1 TB). The uploaded files are stored in the Netherlands for a maximum of 21 days. Although SURFfilesender is safe as it is, users are able to opt for extra security in the form of encryption. Files up to 2 GB can be sent using encryption by sending the recipient a "key" via a second channel: telephone or SMS, for example. The recipient then enters this key, which allows him/her to download the file. In this way the user can determine who is allowed access to valuable research data or confidential files.

Google shared drive (team drive) - When you use Google Drive this is considered as safe as using your Google mail, as long as you use your UG account.

A good option for controlled sharing is to use Google Team Drive, especially for collaborations outside the UG, because a team drive allows you to assign roles and rights to other users of the drive, including restrictions on downloading and printing. Google drive is not being managed by the RUG, so it is not suitable when using personal data that falls under the responsibility of the RUG.

Virtual Research Workspace (VRW) - The Virtual Research Workspace (VRW) consists of a virtualized desktop environment where researchers can conduct data analyses jointly and securely. In this workspace, partnerships are possible with researchers from within the organization itself or from other institutions worldwide. This environment can also be applied when restrictive requirements are imposed on datasets security, or when additional privacy measures are required.

Website hosting - University of Groningen organizations and staff who want to publish or share information on the internet should in principle do this via the University website and its faculty and service portals. However, for more custom web applications for research purposes a web and domain hosting service is available to organizational units of the University of Groningen and legal entities that can in all reasonableness be considered to belong to the University. The service offers space for a web site or web application, including domain registration, at the price of €50 per website per year (web design not included). Ask the CIT about the terms and conditions or register.

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