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Data Management

Funder Requirements

Funders such as the NWO (Dutch Research Council), the ERC (Horizon Europe) and ZonMw ask you to include a data management section as part of your research proposal. Here you indicate how you are going to manage the data that you generate and how your data will be archived and made publicly available for reuse. If your project is awarded funding, you are asked to deliver a Data Management Plan at the start of your project.

NWO (Dutch Research Council)

Data management section NWO template (pre-award)

NWO's research proposal template includes a section on data management. By answering a number of questions, researchers are asked to consider how they will manage the research data the project will generate and plan for which data will be preserved and be made publicly available. 

Delivering a Research Data Management Plan (post-award)

Once your project has been awarded with funding from NWO, you are required to elaborate the data management section into a data management plan (RDMP). The project leader must submit the RDMP to NWO no later than 4 months after the project has been awarded. NWO expects you to consult with support staff from the DCC for the completion of your plan.

There are several ways to make an RDMP in accordance with the requirements of NWO:

  • RDMP-webtool (UG / DCC, recommended) - Please contact the DCC to get access to the NWO template in the RDMP-webtool. 
  • NWO template (in Word) - Please note that the help provided is very general and not aimed at the UG or your institute.
  • DMP online - Please register first, then select NWO as funder. The help provided is very general and not aimed at the UG or your institute.

Data stewards of the DCC are happy to address all of your questions and provide feedback to your Plan!


ZonMw’s data management approach is guided by the FAIR principles. Its policy is aimed at creating reusable data and the reuse of existing data. 

Data management in ZonMW proposal template (pre-award)

In the pre-award phase, ZonMw asks you to include information such as options for data reuse in your project and the costs of RDM activities in your grant proposal.

Delivering an RDMP (post-award)

Once your project has been awarded with funding (post-award), you need to finalize a data management plan within the first 3-6 months of your project.

  • Grant conditions and RDM at ZonMw
  • DMPonline - Use DMPonline to make a plan according to the RDMP template of ZonMW. Please register with DMP Online first, then select ZonMW as Funder

If you are affiliated with the UMCG, contact the UMCG DCC for support

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