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Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA)

The GDPR introduces the Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA) as a mandated assessment for specific cases in which there is a high risk to the rights and freedoms of the research participants

What is a DPIA? 

The DPIA is a process that aims to ensure that the privacy and data protection risks are adequately addressed. The method provides a structured way of thinking about risks and protection measures. In addition, it assists in aligning the appropriate safeguards with the ethical principles relevant in the specific fields of research.

The DPIA helps the researcher and the institution to comply with the requirement of data protection by design. Experts on data management, information technology specialists and legal advisors will be part of the DPIA team (multi-stakeholders approach). 

During the DPIA, we will: 

  • map the data privacy risks in the project 
  • assess these risks
  • define protection measures to eliminate or mitigate the risks

Do you want to know more about the DPIA method in research?

Last modified:09 November 2023 09.58 a.m.