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Google Suite

G Suite for Education is an ecology of digital tools from Google designed to host and distribute digital documents, communication, and collaboration through cloud-based technology.
In many ways the Google suite of applications is very convenient to use to collaborate on documents or to share data. However, it is not primarily intended to collect or store research data, especially when it concerns personal data.

Data Management rules of thumb when using Google:
  • Google suite is accessible as a Single Sign On application. This means access is tied to your UG account (and granted automatically) and protected by multi-factor authentication.
    However, access is also immediately revoked when your UG account is disabled (both for students an employees).
  • The UG has a Data Processing Agreement with Google, which legally binds the supplier to protect the data you collect under conditions stated by the UG.
  • Google is NOT hosted by the UG, but it is a third party cloud application. Data will stay within the EU.
  • Consider Google to be a working and collaboration environment first of all and not as storage system. Access to your data is tied to your UG account.
  • Your (shared) data on Google Drive is removed automatically 3 months after your access is revoked.

Last modified:16 September 2022 6.36 p.m.