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In the lifecycle of research data it is important to distinguish between the phase where data is still being manipulated and analysed (mutable data) and the phase when research data has been processed and become static (immutable data). The same distinction exists for storage and archiving systems, whereas these have different functional and technical requirements.

For purposes of storage and archiving the UG and trusted partners offers several solutions.

Data Management rules of thumb:
  • Keep a central trusted, secure (backed-up) location to store your data during research and plan in advance for a structure, the use of specific file formats and version management where needed.
  • Keep backups of your data in other locations. But don't use personal devices to store personal data.
  • Provide and maintain descriptions of the data in the root of specific folders in plain text files as basic metadata .
  • Choose where you want to archive or publish your data after your research and be prepared for the conditions or metadata standards that apply.
Last modified:15 December 2022 11.30 a.m.