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Qualtrics Surveys

The Qualtrics Research Suite is a user-friendly, feature-rich, web-based survey tool which allows users to build, distribute, and analyse online surveys, collaborate in real-time, and export data in multiple formats.

Data Managment rules of thumb when using Qualtrics for collecting personal data:

Qualtrics is only for academic research

Qualtrics is intended only for academic research. Business or customer/student satisfaction surveys are not allowed under our current license.

Access is tied to your UG account

Qualtrics is accessible as a Single Sign On application. This means access is tied to your UG acount and protected by multi-factor authentication. However, access is also immediately revoked when your UG account is disabled (both for students and employees).

The UG has a Data Processing Agreement with Qualtrics

The UG has a Data Processing Agreement with Qualtrics, which legally binds the supplier to protect the data you collect under conditions stated by the UG. One of the important points of this agreement is that data collected with the platform will stay within the EU.

Qualtrics is a third party cloud application

Qualtrics is NOT hosted by the UG but it is a third party cloud application. The DCC and faculty "brand administrators can manage your account, but Qualtrics itself offers functional and technical support (meaning: questions about how the system works or when it doesn't work).

Qualtrics is not a storage system

Qualtrics is NOT a storage system. Secure your data on the UG network after collection and remove it from Qualtrics.

Please read more in our Qualtrics guidelines to know what is expected of you before getting started on the system.

Last modified:25 January 2023 3.03 p.m.