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Virtual Research Workspace

The Virtual Research Workspace (VRW) consists of a virtualized desktop environment where researchers can conduct data analyses jointly and securely. In this workspace, partnerships are possible with researchers from within the organization itself or from other institutions worldwide. These services (applications & data) are available 24/7. The virtual environment can be provided with additional memory, extra powerful processing facilities or heavy graphics support as required. This environment can also be applied when restrictive requirements are imposed on datasets security, or when additional privacy measures are required.

You can log in to the VRW from an existing (own institution) federated account using multi-factor authentication. To ensure that there is no pollution or misuse of data, the internet cannot be accessed directly from the secure work environment. The federated account allows you to work safely on several studies at once. Each study has its own closed system, making any direct exchange of data between the studies impossible. All of the virtual workspace components are scalable in capacity if the basic or premium versions do not fulfill your needs. The default application landscape is extensive, but specific applications can be incorporated if desired. The integrity of the data and results is carefully monitored within the study. For this purpose, various roles are available for each study.

In brief the VRW is a highly secured, role-based, collaborative environment specifically targeted at researchers who work with sensitive data.

Last modified:23 January 2023 2.49 p.m.