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DCC Workshop: Research Data Management System (RDMS) for Command-Line Users

When:We 06-12-2023 13:00 - 14:30
Where:5431-0017 (Smitsborg)

In this workshop, we will guide you through your first steps to use the Research Data Management System (RDMS) from the Linux command-line interface (CLI).

After a short introduction about the RDMS, the usage of the ‘iCommands’ CLI client will be explained.

We will cover:

  • Initial setup of iCommands and availability on the UG services, Hábrók HPC, LWP and UWP.
  • Using iCommands for data transfer (up/download, sync).
  • Using iCommands for data management (move, copy, remove, bundle).
  • Using iCommands for metadata management (add, remove, update).
  • Using iCommands to search/query the system
  • Using iCommands in HPC jobs.

We will also touch upon the possibilities that non-Linux users have if they want to interact with the RDMS from the CLI. 

During this workshop, the virtual LWP will be used for demonstration. Please check in advance that you can access the virtual system: Here.