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Areas of Data Expertise

Spatial data

The University of Groningen has a unique spatial expertise center, the Geodienst. They collaborate in projects and are available for support. They are experts in collecting and cleaning spatial data, combining and analyzing datasets and developing custom applications around them. All is focused around spatial data and expertise. All data that represent, or are related to, a location on the surface (or above or below!) are considered spatial data. Therefore they are extremely effective for answering (research)questions that start with ‘where’, and allow us to recognize patterns in geographical space.

At the Geodienst we believe that almost all data have a location or spatial component, or should have one. Whether it is coordinates, a country name, or an address: it is mappable! We have created and/or enriched datasets with spatial data which can be found on Arcgis, or send us an email to geodienst Other useful open dataset that allow you to make your own maps and perform your own spatial analyses can be found at (in Dutch only), or the UG Library. In addition to collecting spatial data, the Geodienst also provides support for research by answering questions and giving advice regarding spatial data and Geographical Information Systems (GIS), by performing spatial analyses, and by developing (online) applications incorporating spatial data.

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