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Data Federation Hub

Areas of Data Expertise

Sensitive Data

Researchers use sensitive data to create new insights and push forward innovation. Data can be sensitive because of privacy matter, but also because of intellectual property or arrangements with funders or collaborators. However, using sensitive data for research requires additional data expertise and suitable IT solutions. Groningen has a long-standing expertise in providing tools and services for sensitive data and large knowledge base. For instance the DCC, GEOdienst@CIT, ABJZ, Researchsupport@BSS, CRO, GCC, and many more.

UG and UMCG invested in a solid infrastructure for handling, using and storing sensitive data: the Human Subject Research data programme. This multidisciplinary programme developed a wide range of tools and services that allows researchers in Groningen to handle such sensitive data in compliance with the most recent European regulations on privacy. It will include access to experts and specialists, for example legal experts in the field of data, privacy and IP, security experts, and data scientists. In offering all the above, the DFH aims to bridge the regional hub-and-spoke network with the Health RI national initiative.

Last modified:19 August 2021 11.06 a.m.
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