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This list presents all Groningen PhD theses that have been defended at the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences.

The list has been arranged by author's surname.

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Aaltonen, AnttiFacilitating personal content management in smart phones2007>>>
Aarts, Emile Hubertus LeonardusReaction mechanisms in 3He induced projectile breakup1983>>>
Aartsma, Thijs JitsePhoton echo relaxation in molecular mixed crystals1978>>>
Ab, EisoStructural studies on IIBChb2002>>>
Abee, TjakkoRegulation of solute transport, internal pH and osmolarity in rhodobacter sphaeroides1989>>>
Abello, Nicolas Jean-RobertChemical labeling for the analysis of proteins, peptides and metabolites by mass spectrometry2009>>>
Adem, UmutMagnetodielectric coupling in multiferroic transition metal oxides2008>>>
Admiraal, GerritCrystal structures of the ACTH framgents 4-10 and 4-7 and of Pyrrolidone Acetamide.1981>>>
Aernsbergen, Lodewijk Maarten vanSlowing down and straggling of protons and heavy ions in matter1986>>>
Aerts, Patrick Johan CoenraadTowards relativistic quantum chemistry. On the AB INITO calculation of relativistic electron wave functions for molecules in the hartree-fock-dirac approximation.1986>>>
Agsteribbe, EtienneNeurospora Crassa. Karakterisering van ribosomen en DNA uit mitochondrien1974>>>
Agterveld, Dimitri Theodoor Leon vanIn-situ observations of materials properties with Auger electron spectroscopy2001>>>
Ahmed Mohamed Ismail, Nasser Mohamed The simulation of cooling flows in clusters of galaxies2007>>>
Aifantis, Katerina EliasGradient plasticity with interfacial effects and experimental confirmation through nano-indentation2005>>>
Aissing, GerrardInterstitial transition metals in silicon. Ab initio electronic structure calculations on cluster models1988>>>
Aken, Bas Bernardus vanStructural response to electronic transitions in hexagonal and ortho-manganites2001>>>
Aken, Everhard vanAliphatic nitro compounds in stereoselective synthesis : the development of a chiral catalyst1992>>>
Akkerboom, Johan CornelisTesting problems with linear or angular inequality constraints1988
Akkerman, Hylke BroerLarge-area molecular junctions2008>>>
Akkermans, Johannes MariaA random walk in the land of precompound decay1982>>>
Aksam, Eda BenerPeroxisomal housekeeping processes and cell vitality2009>>>
Albers, Casper JohannesDistributional inference: the limits of reason2003>>>
Albers, Sonja-VerenaSugar transport in the thermoacidophilic archaeon Sulfolobus solfataricus2001>>>
Alberts, Albert HendrikusExocyclische en endocyclische dubbele binding bij adamantaan1974>>>
Alberts, RudiGenetical genomics with Affymetrix gene expression arrays2007>>>
Alblas, Bernard PieterOrder and disorder in liquid alloys.1983>>>
Aldenkamp, Frederik Jules ;Stoop, PaulSources and transport of indoor radon; measurements and mechanisms.1994>>>
Alderkamp, Anne-CarlijnCarbohydrate production of by phytoplankton and degradation in the marine microbial food web2006>>>
Alders, DennisEpitaxial transition metal oxide films studied by high energy spectroscopy.2009>>>
Algra, Ale JanThe structure of stepped surfaces. On the investigation of the atomic structure of (stepped) copper surfaces with Low Energy Ion Scattering1981>>>
Alkema, Henk JohanAutoxydatie van additieprodukten van thiolen aan acetyleenethers1961>>>
Alsem, Wilfred Hendrik MarieThe mean free path of mobile dislocations in ionic crystals. A nuclear spin relaxation study on dislocation motion in NaCl single crystals1981>>>
Altena, Paulus Willilbrordus GerhardusSpatial and temporal movement processing of the H1-neuron in blowfly.1997>>>
Altieri, SalvatoreElectroninic structure of oxide thin films on metals.1999>>>
Alvarado Chacon, FresiaIon induced radiation damage on the molecular level2007>>>
Alves, Alexandra Maria da Costa RodriguesRegulation of glucose metabolism in the actinomycetes amycolatopsis methanolica and streptomyces coelicolor A3(2)1997>>>
Amadei, AndreaTheoretical models for fluid thermodynamics based on the quasi-Gaussian entropy theory1998>>>
Amir-Ahmadi, Hamid RezaThree-nucleon potential effects in spin observables of elastic deuteron-proton scattering2006>>>
Amorij, Jean-PierreThe development of stable influenza vaccine powder formulations for new needle-free dosage forms2008>>>
Amsterdam, EmielStructural performance and failure analysis of aluminium foams2008>>>
Amsterdam, Franciscus Theodorus Maria vanMolecular pharmacology of calcium antagonists in the normal and ischaemic heart1988>>>
Amsterdam, Ronald Gijsbertus Maria vanβ-adrenoceptor responsiveness in non-allergic and allergic airways. An in-vitro approach.1991>>>
Andreasen, Henrik IversenIsolated molecules in metals : a study of the geometrical and chemical bonding structure of isolated molecules of a substitutional 5sp-element atom and interstitial electronegative atoms embedded in noble metals using Mössbauer spectroscopy and ion beam 1987>>>
Andredakis, IoannisSpheroidal components of spiral galaxies : structure and evolution1997>>>
Andree, Piet JanMagnetic resonance studies on glutamate dehydrogenase1975>>>
Andringa, Tjeerd CatharinusContinuity preserving signal processing2001>>>
Angerman, Hindrik JanThe phase behavior of polydisperse multiblock copolymer melts : (a theoretical study)1998>>>
Anton V. SugonyakoNano-sized precipitated formations in irradiated NaCl2007>>>
Antonides, EngelXPS and AES: tools for studying electron-electron interactions in 3d-transition metals1977>>>
Apol, Marcel Emile FrançoisThe quasi-Gaussian entropy theory : temperature dependence of thermodynamic properties using distribution functions1997>>>
Aragón Calvo, Miguel AngelMorphology and dynamics of the cosmic web2007>>>
Araya-Melo, Pablo AndresFormation and Evolution of Galaxy Clusters in Cold Dark Matter Cosmologies2008>>>
Areephong, Jetsuda Dithienylethene optical switches : multicomponent molecular systems2009>>>
Arends, Arend RoelofHyperfine interactions in cubic metals using perturbed angular correlation techniques1981>>>
Arens, Paul Frederik PieterLiving in fragments : genetic variation in spatially structured populations2005>>>
Arnold, Alexander ErichPhosphoramidites as ligands for copper in catalytic asymmetric C-C bond formation reactions with organozinc reagents2002>>>
Arrieta López de Uralde, Jesús Maria Diversity and activity in marine prokaryotes2005>>>
Arteni, Ana AndreeaUnraveling the structure of the photosynthetic membrane using electron microscopy approach2007>>>
Arts-Damler, TheraCytogenetical studies on six verbascum species and their hybrids1960>>>
Arwert, FreerkTransformation and Transfection in Bacillus subtilis1973>>>
Asch, Margriet vanSeasonal synchronization between trophic levels under climate change : genetic and environmental effects on winter moth egg hatching2007>>>
Asgeirsdottir, Sigriour AnnaProteins involved in emergent growth of Schizophyllum commune1994>>>
Asselt, Erik Johannes vanStructure and reaction mechanism of lytic transglycosylases.1999>>>
Asselt, Willem Kornelis vanThe KVI cyclotron: from injection to extractrion1985>>>
Assendorp, RobIras pointed observations of low mass star formation.1993>>>
Asveld, Ernst Wouter HugoReactions of singlet oxygen with cyclohexylidene compounds1980>>>
Atthobari, JarirDrug use in population screening. Pharmacoepidemiological and pharmacoeconomical aspects2006
Aué, Jan-JaapFractals and fracture : structure-property relationship of highly porous ceramics1997>>>
Augulis, RamūnasMolecular aggregates, dendrimers, and motors: optical dynamics and control2008>>>
Baerends, Richard Jan StevenThe peroxisomal membrane protein Pex3p of Hansenula polymorpha: analysis of its function in peroxisome biogenesis1999>>>
Bagherieh Najjar, Mohammad BagherDNA recombination in plants : molecular and functional analysis of Arabidopsis RecQ genes2004>>>
Bak, Hendrikus JacobusStructure and evolution of Panulirus interruptus Hemocyanin.1987
Bakel, Gerjan Peter Eduard Maria vanDefect analysis with atomic-resolution microscopy1992>>>
Bakhuis, Walter LewisThe causal organization of climax (hatching) behaviour in the domestic fowl (Gallus Domesticus)1977>>>
Bakker, AlbertIn vitro schildklier diagnostiek1961>>>
Bakker, Dorothea Catharina ElisabethProcess studies of the air-sea exchange of carbon dioxide in the Atlantic Ocean1998>>>
Bakker, Frederik TheodoorTime spans and spacers: molecular phylogenetic explorations in the Cladophora complex (Chlorophyta) from the perspective of rDNA gene and spacer sequences1995>>>
Bakker, Johan Maria Georges Julien deStudy of hafnium-nitrogen complexes in metals and binary alloys produced by means of simultaneous vapour deposition and ion implantation.1992>>>
Bakker, Johanna Genetic diversity in experimental metapopulations2008>>>
Bakker, Johannes FrederikBiogeochemical processes in marine sediments with emphasis on the nitrogen cycle and oxygen dynamics1992>>>
Bakker, MarleenApproaches to drug resistance in solid tumors : with emphasis on lung cancer2005>>>
Bakker, OnnoProtein-DNA interactions in estrogenregulated gene expression1988>>>
Baldascini, Helen GabrielaBioreaction engineering for the kinetic resolution of racemic epoxides by epoxide hydrolase2004>>>
Balkan, BörkAutonomic influences on metabolism in the development and maintenance of obesity.1991>>>
Balke, PeterDynamics of microstructures in metal sheets : an orientation imaging microscopy study2002>>>
Baltuska, AndriusHydrated electron dynamics explored with 5-fs optical pulses2000>>>
Bandell, MichaelSubstrate recognition by the 2-hydroxycarboxylate transport proteins2000>>>
Barakova, Emilia IvanovaLearning reliability: a study on dindecisiveness in sample selection1999>>>
Barends, Thomas Reinier MaximThe inner workings of a-amino acid ester hydrolases : ... and crystallization experiments with an integral membrane transporter2004>>>
Barendsen, Gerhardus JohanBlood flow in human extremities at rest, after arterial occlusion and after exercise. Semi-continuous flow measurements by triggered venous occlusion plethysmography.1973>>>
Barf, Tjeerd AndriesThe medicinal chemistry of aryl triflates : as applied to 5-HT1A and 5-HT1D receptor ligands1996>>>
Barkmeijer, JanDynamics and topological invariants of circle endomorphisms.1988>>>
Barnabè, MatteoCombined gravitational lensing and stellar dynamics analysis of early type galaxies2009>>>
Barneveld, Harrie Hendrik. van,Statistical analysis of repetitive neuronal activity clock-spikes in calliphora erythrocephala1971>>>
Bartels, TammePotentially cariostatic polyelectrolytes1981>>>
Bartstra, Gert-JanContributions to the study of the palaeolithic Patjitan culture, Java, Indonesia1976>>>
Basrak, BojanThe sample autocorrelation function of non-linear time series2000>>>
Batinas, Aurora AlexandraThe chemistry of half-sandwich vanadium imido-amido complexes2009>>>
Battaglia, GiuseppinaChemistry and kinematics of stars in Local Group galaxies2007>>>
Battjes, Jacobus JohannesDynamic modelling of energy stocks and flows in the economy : an energy accounting approach1999>>>
Baudoux, Anne-ClaireThe role of viruses in marine phytoplankton mortality2007>>>
Böttger, Wendeline MariëttaPharmacokinetic study on the mechanisms of rectal absorption in man.1985>>>
Bednarz, Mariusz PiotrDynamics of Frenkel excitons in J-aggregates2003>>>
Beekman, Aäron ChristianCytotoxicity of sequiterpene lactones derived from higher plants.1998>>>
Beekman, Johanna MargarethaExpression of yolk protein genes in liver1990>>>
Beens, Wietze WillemViscosities and flow in nematic liquid crystals1984>>>
Beerens, Anthonius Martinus JohannusIntercellular spread of the transgene product to improve the efficiency of cancer gene therapy2006>>>
Beersma, Dominicus Gerhardus MariaSpatial characteristics of the visual field of flies1979>>>
Beetstra, Dirk Johannes Structure - property relationships in early transition metal based olefin polumerisation catalysts2005>>>
Beetz, TomIntermediates in allene cycloadditions. Synthesis and properties of A 2,2'-bisallyldiradical.1975>>>
Begeman, KornelisHI rotation curves of spiral galaxies2006>>>
Begemann, Simon Hendrik AntonIon scattering for the analysis of the atomic structure and composition of solid surfaces1972>>>
Beijersbergen, MarcoThe galaxy population in the Coma cluster2003>>>
Beilen, Jan Berthold vanAlkane oxidation by Pseudomonas oleovorans: genes and proteins1994>>>
Beinema, Maarten Joseph The optimization of coumarin anticoagulant therapy: pharmacogenetics and computer assisted dose finding2009>>>
Bekker, HendrikMolecular dynamics simulation methods revised1996>>>
Bekker, Renée MarliesThe ecology of soil seed banks in grassland ecosystems.1998>>>
Belder, Gerald FrederikSurface forces and narorheological properties of adsorbed polymer monolayers.1995>>>
Beldhuis, Hermanus, Johannes AloysiusBehavioural characteristics and neuronal mechanisms of amygdala kindling. A multidisciplinary approach in rats.1993>>>
Beljaars, EleonoraNovel drug carriers for targeting to hepatic stellate cells: new directions for antifibrotic therapies.1999>>>
Belkum, Marius Jacobus vanLactococcal bacteriocins: getetics and mode of action1991>>>
Beltman, Hendrina AlbertaVegetative strukturen der parmeliaceae und ihre entwicklung1978>>>
Belur, Madhu NagrajControl in a behavioral context2003>>>
Bemmel, Ilse Marina vanDust and gas in extra-galactic radio sources2002>>>
Bencini, Anthony F.Pharmacokinetic basis of the neuromuscular blocking effects of vecuronium bromide; a study in animals and man1986>>>
Benders, Reinerus Martinus JohannesInteractive simulation of electricity demand and production1996>>>
Benus, Rensina FennechinaAggression and coping. Differences in behavioural strategies between aggressive and non-aggressive male mice.1988>>>
Berendsen, Herman Johan ChristiaanAn NMR study of collagen hydration1962>>>
Berendsen, Hermanus Henricus GerardusBehavioural consequences of selective activation of 5-HT receptor subtypes. possible implications for the mode of action of antidepressants1991>>>
Berg, Johannes Abel van denEstradiol and ribosomal RNA in rooster liver1975>>>
Berg, Adriaan Martin van denFour nucleon pickup studies on medium-weight and heavy nuclei with the (d, 6Li) reaction.1983>>>
Berg, Godefridus Petrus van den The sound of high winds: the effect of atmospheric stability on wind turbine sound and microphone noise2006>>>
Berg, Hendrik Jan van den Polymer-bound Thiamine models1989>>>
Berg, Hendrikus van denSome aspects of the chlorination of benzene1973>>>
Berg, Keimpe Jan van den Heterocyclic analogs of o-xylylene : a study of the synthesis and reactivity of dimethylene derivatives of thiophene and pyrrole1990>>>
Berg, Marcus Jan van denAssortative amting in Drosophila melanogaster and among three species of the melanogaster subgroup1988>>>
Berg, Mathew Leslie Sexual selection and reproductive strategies in songbirds : territoriality, mate attraction, parentage and parental care2007>>>
Berg, Michel van denRhodium-Catalyzed Asymmetric Hydrogenation using Phosphoramidite Ligands2006>>>
Berg, Michiel van denOn phase transitions of some models in statistical mechanics1981>>>
Berg, Tieme Adriaan van denIron catalyzed oxidation chemistry: from C-H bond activation to DNA cleavag2008>>>
Berge, Ronald Egbert Joseph tenCholinergic neurotransmission in human and guinea pig airways. Function and dysfunction of muscarinic receptor subtypes.1994>>>
Bergen, Teunis Johannes vanThe photochemistry of 3,5-dicarboalkoxypyridines1972>>>
Berger, Jan AdriaanCurrent-density functionals in extended systems2006>>>
Bergh, Erwin Raymond Edward van denRegulation of CO2 fixation via the Calvin cycle in the facultative autotroph Xanthobacter flavus.1997>>>
Bergink, Engelbert WillemSynthese van dooiereiwitten door de haan1973>>>
Bergsma, JacobPrimary and secondary transport in membrane vesicles from bacillus subtilis1983>>>
Berkenbosch, MaintAlgorithms and moduli spaces for differential equations2004>>>
Bernard Salas, JerónimoPhysics and chemistry of gas in planetary nebulae2003>>>
Berngruber, Thomas WalterHow to be good at being a virus : biochemical constraints of viral life-history evolution2008>>>
Best, Jappe Hinco deAnaerobic transformation of chlorinated hydrocarbons in a packed-bed reactor1999>>>
Beudeker, Robert FranciscusObligate chemolithotrophy : its ecophysiological implications for Thiobacillus neapolitanus1981>>>
Beuken, Esther Karoline van den Mono- and dinuclear late transition metal complexes based on phosphorus and nitrogen ligands1997>>>
Beukeveld, Gerhardus Johannes JozefClinical relevance of porphyrin determinations in porphyria.1995>>>
Beurs, Hans deWear behaviour of laser melted an ion implanted materials.1988>>>
Beusekom, Christina Maria vanLipids, carbohydrates and micronutrients in the perinatal period. Long chain polyunsaturated fatty acids, myoinositol, vitamin E and polyamines in neonatal nutrition.1995>>>
Beuzekom, Martin Gerardus vanIdentifying fast hadrons with silicon detectors2006>>>
Biemans, Barbara Agatha MariaA time to remember : consequences of ageing on the circadian memory modulation in rodents2003>>>
Biemans-Oldehinkel, Hendrikje Accessory domains in an osmoregulated ABC transporter2006>>>
Biere, ArjenPhenotypic variation in Lychnis flos-cuculi : an ecological genetic analysis1991>>>
Biesiot, WouterElastic scattering of mono-energetic polarized photons and related spectroscopic studies/1980>>>
Biessels, Petrus Theodorus MariaSynthesis and pharmacology of 4-aminopyridine derivatives1987>>>
Biessen, Ericus Anna LeonardusPurification and characterization of the 5-HT reuptake system from human blood platelets.1989>>>
Bijker, RoelofDynamical Boson-Fermion symmetries in nuclei1984>>>
Bijlma, JelleOn the biology of tropical spinose globigerenidae (sarcodina, foraminiferida) and its implications for paleoecology.1991>>>
Bijlsma, RudolfPolymorphism at the G6pd and 6Pgd loci in drosophila melanogaster.1979>>>
Bijma, JanInvestigations leading to an improved performance of the omegatron mass spectrometer1973>>>
Bijpost, Erik AlexanderAlkene conversions with early transition metal catalysts1996>>>
Bijsterbosch, Marten KornelisEndocytosis of circulating dehydrogenases.1983>>>
Bijvank, Engelbert JohannesThe crystal field probe Gd3+ in a systematic series of dipolar defects.1980>>>
Bisschop, ArnoldActive transport in cutoplasmic membrane vesicles of Bacillus subtilis1976>>>
Blacquiere, TjeerdPhysiology and ecology of ammonium and nitrate nutrition in plantago and alnus1988>>>
Blaj, GabrielWalking and vision in blowflies2004>>>
Blankert, BastiaanShort to medium term optimization of dead-end ultrafiltration2007>>>
Blanksma, Paulus KornelisOnon-invasive investigation of regional dysfunction in acute myocardial infarction.1979>>>
Blasi, NivesSingle proton transfer reactions on odd-even nuclei1984>>>
Blauw, CornelisInvestigation of some systems exhibiting electrical conduction anomalies1974>>>
Bleeker, Ido PieterReactions of N-hydroxyureas and N-hydroxysulfonamides with tert-bytylsulfinyl chloride. A mechanistic and ESR spectoscopic investigation.1981>>>
Bleijswijk Tierens Verhagen, Judith Diana Louise vanEcophysiology of the calcifying marine alga Emiliania huxleyi.1996>>>
Blenkers, JohannesDiene complexes of titanium, zirconium, and hafnium. Structure and reactivity1982>>>
Bliek, Frederik WillemState selective electron capture at low energies1997>>>
Blok, Jan RudolfPulsing flow in trickle bed columns1981>>>
Blok, Willem Jan Geert deThe properties and evolution of low surface brightness galaxies1997>>>
Blokzijl, WilfriedOrganic reactivity in mixed aqueous solvents : a link between kinetics and thermodynamics1991>>>
Blom van Assendelft, Margaretha vanDominant control region of the human β- like globin gene cluster.1989>>>
Boddé, Henri ErnstThe influence of fluoride applications of enamel remineralization1983>>>
Boddingius, JannyThe cell types of the adenohypophysis in the rainbow trout (Salmo irideus). A histological study.1975>>>
Bodegom, Lambertus vanCrystal chemistry of TCNQ complexes role of cation, composition and temperature1979>>>
Bodewits, DennisCometary X-rays : solar wind charge exchange in cometary atmospheres2007>>>
Boeij, Wilhelmus Petrus deUltrafast solvation dynamics explored by nonlinear optical spectroscopy1997>>>
Boekel, Willem Hendrik Martinus van Interactions of Phaeocystis sp. with organic compounds and the microbial foodweb1992>>>
Boekema, CarolusSpin and charge densities in some iron compounds. A study of the electronic structure in Fe3O4, FeTiO3, LaFeO3 and CuFeS21977
Boekema, Egbert JanStructure of mitochondrial NADH: ubiquinone oxidoreductase.1984>>>
Boelema, EltjoSpiro-adamantanoiden1973>>>
Boelema, Gerrit JanA microcomputer-controlled system for titration analysis1982>>>
Boer, Albertus Hendrikus deXylem/Symplast ion exchange: Mechanism and function in salt-tolerance and growth1985>>>
Boer, Anne Haaije de Optimisation of dry powder inhalation : the application of air classifier and laser diffraction technology for the generation and characterisation of aerosols from adhesive mixtures2005>>>
Boer, Barteld Alje deEcology and ethology of Chromis cyanea (Poey), Pomacentridae, on the reefs of Curacao, Netherlands Antilles1981>>>
Boer, Bert deDesign, synthesis, morphology and properties of semiconducting block copolymers for photonic applications2001>>>
Boer, Dirk Kornelis Gerhardus deElectronic structure determination by photoelectron spectroscopy1983>>>
Boer, Eric Johannes Maria deOrganotitanium compounds and the activation of unsaturated molecules1979>>>
Boer, HarmDomain interactions in the mannitol transport protein of escherichia coli1996>>>
Boer, Herman Albert deSynthesis and breakdown of the magic spots in escherichia coli1977>>>
Boer, Jacob deAirway reactivity in vivo and in vitro : modulation by NO, inflammation and PDE inhibitors1998>>>
Boer, Jan deCrosslinking of high molecular weight polyethylene.1984>>>
Boer, Jan Hendrik deChemometrical aspects of quality in pharmaceutical technology : the application of robustness criteria and multi criteria decision making in optimization procedures for pharmaceutical formulations1992>>>
Boer, Johannes Wietse decis-Dihydroxylation and Epoxidation of Alkenes by Manganese Catalysts - Selectivity, Reactivity and Mechanism2008>>>
Boer, Klaas Sjoerds deInterstellar absorption lines in the ultraviolet1974>>>
Boer, Lex de,L-Phenylalanine and methanol metabolism in the facultative methylotroph Amycolatopsis methanolica (Nocardia sp. 239)1990>>>
Boer, Maria Karin de Maze of toxicity: Fibrocapsa japonica (Raphidophyceae) in Dutch coastal waters2006>>>
Boer, Peter deDopamine-acetylcholine interactions in the rat striatum in vivo microdialysis studies1992>>>
Boer, Robert Eduard Peter deFunctional β3-adrenoceptors in human and animal gastrointestinal smooth muscle.1995>>>
Boer, Sjoerdje deEffects of Beta-Endorphin fragments and ampehtamine on problem solving behavior in the rat.1985>>>
Boer, Steven deOptical dynamics of molecular aggregates2006
Boer, Thomas deSleep regulation in the Djungarian hamster. The efects of temerature, photoperiod an daily torpor.1996>>>
Boer, Tjitte deSelectivity enhancement in capillary electrokinetic separations via chiral and molecular recognition : application in bioanalysis and pharmaceutical analysis2001>>>
Boer, Willem Frederik, deBetween the tides : the impact of human exploitation on an intertidal ecosystem, Mozambique2000>>>
Boerma, Jan AlbertusDe synthese van sterisch gehinderde alkenen reacties aan 3,3,6,6-tetramethylthiepaan1972>>>
Boerrigter, Elisabeth Josephine MariaOn the perspectives of populations of the rare plant species Phyteuma nigrum.1995>>>
Boersma, CornelisHealth economics of cardiovascular & renal disease prevention : from clinical trials to real-life settings2009>>>
Boersma, JohannesBoundary value problems in diffration theory and lifting surface theory2008>>>
Boersma, Ykelien LolkjeEvolution of enantioselectivity: selection of improved hydrolase variants2007>>>
Boerstoel, HannekeLiquid crystalline solutions of cellulose in phosphoric acid for preparing cellulose yarns2006>>>
Bogaart, Geert van denOn the mobility of biomolecules: a fluorescence microscopy approach2008>>>
Bogert, Jacobje Jacomina van denMitochondrial protien synthesis as target in cancer chemotherapy. The cytostatic effect of the tetracyclines1983>>>
Bolck, AnnabelChemometric analysis of aged RP-HPLC stationary phases1996>>>
Bolhuis, AlbertA genetic analysis of determinants for efficient protein secretion in Bacillus subtillis.1999
Bolhuis, Gerad KlaasEnkele aspecten van de formulering en bereiding van tabletten met direct comprimeerbare vulbindmiddelen.1978>>>
Bolhuis, HendrikMultidrug resistance in Lactococcus lactis1996>>>
Bolhuis, Johannus JanThe development and stability of filial preferences in the chick (Gallus gallus)1989>>>
Bolink, Hendrik JanPhotorefractive polymers1997>>>
Bollen, Arnoud MauritsCollected tales on mass transfer in liquids1999>>>
Bolster, Johnny MariaSulfur in reactive intermediates1981>>>
Bolt, René AlexanderMultipele light scattering in reflecting materials1995>>>
Bondzic, SasaComb-shaped supramolecules : phase behavior, shear alignment and application2007>>>
Bonnema, JentjeDerivaten van (ethylthio)ethyncarbonzuur1960>>>
Bontekoe, Tjeerd RomkeOrbital decay of satellite galaxies.1988>>>
Bontsema, JanDynamic stabilization of large flexible space structures.1989>>>
Boogaard, Maarten van denCyclodextrin-containing supramolecular structures : from pseudo-polyrotaxanes towards molecular tubes, insulated molecular wires and topological networks2003>>>
Boogaart, Paul van den The induction of vitellogenin mRNA in avian liver1980>>>
Boogert, Abraham Cornelis AdwinThe interplay between dust, gas, ice, and protostars1999>>>
Booij, KeesExchange of solutes between sediment and water.1989>>>
Booij, MartinHydrogen transfer in organolanthanoids1989>>>
Boomsma, RenseThe disk-halo connection in NGC 6946 and NGC 2532007>>>
Boon, Arjen RichardBenthic-pelagic coupling: the nature and fate of labile organic matter in the benthic environment of the North Sea1998>>>
Boon, Jan PeterThe kinetics of individual polychlorinated biphenyl (PCB-) congeners in marine organisms; a comparative approach1986>>>
Boon, Polly EsterDay length and growth : behaviour, energy balance, protein synthesis1999>>>
Boon, Sjirk NielsDosimetry and quality control of scanning proton beams1998>>>
Boonstra, Arjen FrederikMembrane proteins involved in photosynthesis, a study by electron microscopy1996>>>
Boonstra, Harm JacobBereiding en eigenschappen van 1-alkylthio-1-alkynen1961>>>
Boonstra, Harm Jan HugoSymmetries in string theory1996>>>
Boonstra, JohannesEnergy supply for active transport in anaerobically-grown escherichia coli1978>>>
Boonstra, Willem DouweProtein-apatite interactions in dentine2008>>>
Borg, Klaas van derThe isoscalar giant quadrupole resonance in SD-shell nucleii. An experimental study of isoscalar multipole strenght by inelastic alpha scattering at 120 MeV.1979>>>
Borg, Sina Jacoba terVariability of Rhinanthus serotinus (schönh.) oborny in relation to the environment1972>>>
Borghols, Wilhelmus Theodorus AntoniusDamping of the giant monopole resanance in 90Zr abd 124 Sn.1988>>>
Borght, Karin van derNew neurons in the adult brain. A study on the regulation and function of neurogenesis in the adult rodent hippocampus2006>>>
Born, Isaäc Cornelis van denMechanical strength of highly porous materials1992>>>
Borovkova, Svetlana AlfredovnaEstimation and prediction for nonlinear time series1998>>>
Borsa, Dana MariaNitride-based insulating and magnetic thin films and multilayers2004>>>
Bos, Alexandra Johanna MarinaDirection indirect : the indirect energy requirements and emissions from freight transport1998>>>
Bos, Christine ElisabethTropical Tablets. The development of tablet formulations for use in tropical countries.1990>>>
Bos, DaniëlGrazing in coastal grasslands : Brent Geese and facilitation by herbivory2002>>>
Bos, Ebo SijbrenVitellogenin messenger rna in rooster liver1975>>>
Bos, Oscar GeorgRecruitment variation in Macoma balthica (L.) : is there a role for larval food limitation?2005>>>
Bosch, Albert JanPhotoelectron spectroscopy, new angle-resolved spectrometer and study of dilute alloys1982>>>
Boskma, PetrusNuclear spectra in the rare region. An investigation of the excited states of 166 Er, 170 Yb and 140 La1960>>>
Bosma, AlbertThe distribution and kinematics of neutral hydrogen in spiral galaxies of various morphological types1978>>>
Bosma, Jacob CatrinusMore efficient process chromatography2001>>>
Bosma, Pieter BoukeThe state of ionization in nova shells1973>>>
Bosma, TjibbeEngineering bacteria for the degradation of halopropanes2002>>>
Bosman, Ingrid JolandaTransdermal delivery of anticholinergic bronchodilators : methodological and clinical aspects1996>>>
Bosscher, FilippusThe structure of the stereocomplex of isotactic and syndiotactic poly (methyl methacrylate)1981>>>
Bosscher, GerardNovel cyclophosphazene monomers and their polymerization behavior1997>>>
Bossema, IdoJays and oaks: an eco-ethological study of a symbiosis.1979>>>
Bosveld, Geert DerkSemi-inclusive deep inelastic lepton scattering on nucleons and nuclei1995>>>
Bot, Petrus Vincentius MariaMolecular relationships in the seaweed genus Cladophora.1992>>>
Boterman, MarkHeterologous amplification of homologous beta-adrenoceptor desensitization in airway smooth muscle : implications for asthma?2006>>>
Botermans, Wilhelmus Martinus MariaNon-relativistic and relativistic quantum kinetic equations in nuclear physics.1989>>>
Both, Gerrit JohanThe ecology of nitrite-oxiding bacteria in grassland soils.1990>>>
Botta, Eugen Foppe FranzCalculation of potential flow around bodies1978>>>
Bottema, RoelofThe stellar kinematics of galactic disks.1995>>>
Bottema, SietseLate quaternary vegetation history of northwestern Greece1974>>>
Boudewijn, Pieter ReinderMagnetic circular dichroism of transition metal diodides1980>>>
Bouman, Stephan DaniëlCounterregulation to acute and recurrent hypoglycemia in rats2009>>>
Bouwhuis, EgbertHetero- analogues of biphenyl1974>>>
Bouwkamp, Marco WijnandThe coordination chemistry of decamethylmetallocene cations of trivalent transition metals2004>>>
Bouwma, JakobInvestigations on MnSb and related compounds with b8-type structures1972>>>
Bouwman, Anneke Margriet Form, formation, and deformation : the influence of material properties and process conditions on the shape of granules produced by high shear granulation2005>>>
Bouwman, Karen MarianThe illusion of monogamy : patterns of extra-pair paternity in the reed bunting (Emberiza schoeniclus)2005>>>
Bouwman, Mirjan ElisabethTracking transport systems : an environmental perspective on passenger transport modes2000>>>
Bouwmeester, Henricus Johannes MariaStudies in intercalation chemistry of some transition metal dichalcogenides.1988>>>
Boven, Aart vanThe uptake and hydrolysis of peptides by streptococcus cremoris.1987>>>
Boven, GeertGlass surface-grafted poly(methylmethacrylate) : adhesion in a model system for composites1990>>>
Boven, Robert Michiel vanEvolutionary dynamics of a selfish gene.1997>>>
Bovenkamp, Marja van denLiver fibrosis in vitro: Liver slices as a promising alternative2006>>>
Bozec, YannProcess studies of the biological pump of carbon dioxide in the North Sea and Southern Ocean2005>>>
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