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Submitting Electronic Dissertations

The University of Gronigen Library, in accordance with the PhD regulations, is authorized to publish theses not only in paper form but also in electronic form. If you choose this option you only need to supply the University Library with 2 bound copies and one electronic version. This version must be approved by the Library in line with the guidelines given below. If you do not wish to take advantage of this option, please supply 9 bound copies to the Library.

If you choose electronic dissemination, you must comply with the following conditions:

  • You must complete an application form
  • You must provide the Library with 2 bound copies and one electronic version.
    You can deliver these copies at the Expedition department of the University Library: at the back of the building, near the parking spaces in the Poststraat, the small street to the left of the entrance.
    If the Expedition is unmanned, you can deliver your copies at the Information Desk at the 1st floor of the University Library.
  • Signing the form means that you grant permission to the University of Groningen Library to publish the electronic version of the dissertation on the Internet. You also agree that your dissertation can be ordered via the button 'printing on demand' for a fee that covers the printing costs. If you have transferred the copyright to someone else, then the written permission of the copyright holder must be included with the application form. In this event the document may only be consulted and not printed.
  • Both the electronic and bound versions must have identical contents, apart from minor changes to the proofs. All illustrations (photos, tables, etc.) which appear in the bound version must also be included in the electronic version.
  • Because of copyright regulations, only standard and public domain fonts may be used.
  • The file must be submitted in one of the file formats listed below. The CD-ROMs/DVDs and files must be compatible with Windows PCs.
  • Files can be uploaded via the upload form.

Permitted file formats

  • PDF (Adobe)
  • PostScript
  • Word for Windows, version 6.0 or higher.
  • SGML/HTML format (only on request)

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