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PWT Releases

Penn World Table


Welcome to the website of the Penn World Table (PWT)

PWT is a database with information on relative levels of income, output, inputs and productivity, with country and period coverage depending on the release. On these pages you find access to several releases of this data set, as well as documentation. For news about PWT check out our blog. To stay informed about new releases, follow us on Twitter @PennWorldTable.

If you are new to PWT, the User Guide is a good starting point as is this Vox column. In the menu on the left you will find an overview of the available PWT releases. For questions not covered in the documentation, please contact

Go directly to the latest release: PWT 9.0

PWT News

Income and Wealth activities
Published on:September 13, 2016
PWT 9.0 data corrections
Published on:August 19, 2016
Vietnam as the next China?
Published on:August 10, 2016
Globalisation & inequality Summer School
Published on:August 10, 2016
PWT 9.0 has been released
Published on:June 09, 2016
NBER international comparisons conference
Published on:May 30, 2016
World KLEMS conference
Published on:May 27, 2016
GGDC and societal relevance
Published on:January 18, 2016

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All information that was previously hosted by the Center for International Comparisons at the University of Pennsylvania, is now available on this site.