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Faciliteiten voor de gebruiker

Printing, photocopies and scanning


Documents may be printed from most work stations to the printers located in the Digital Workstations on the first and second floor of the UL.

After a print command has been given your name will appear on the screen near the printer. You can use the arrow keys to go to your name, type in your password and have the printer execute the print job.

The University of Groningen has a new system for prints, scans and photocopies - Equitrac. Students can pay their prints via a deposit that can be topped uo via the internet wit iDeal (soon also with VISA and Mastercard). The credit is lodged on a secure server in the network.  

Quick prints: link to card
Equitrac can work very fast because students can link an own chip card (e.g. OV travel card) to their account. To make a printout, all they have to do is hold the card in front of the card reader. The amount is then automatically deducted from the deposit. Without your chip card, it is possible to make a print by entering the S number and password.

Follow you
Print requests are sent to the network and the printouts can be collect from any printer or multifunctional. This is known as ‘Follow you’.

Starting credit
When Equitrac is used for the first time, students will be given a starting credit of € 0.70.


On almost all floors of the UL copying-machines are located: on the third floor they can be found in the hall, in the Digital Workstations I (1st floor) in the corner to the right of the Lending Department, and in Digital Workstations II (2nd floor) immediately to the right after the enquiry desk.

  • Vulnerable works may only be copied by library staff. For requests please consult the enquiry desks or the UL Lending Department.
  • The same goes for bound volumes of the publications of the First and Second Chambers of the States General, located in the Government Publications Reading Room . Request forms for these copies are available at the enquiry desk of this reading room (3rd floor); copies usually can be collected the next workday at the Lending Department (1st floor) on payment of € 0.30 per copy.

Printing microfiches

For making prints from microfiches and microfilms there is a special printer available at the UL. Enquiries at the Information Desk on the Second Floor (Periodicals Reading Room).


A scanner is available in the Digital Workstations II; ask for it at the information desk on the second floor.
Moreover, scans can now be made on every copy machine! The scan is sent to your mail address.

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