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Wireless internet


Manuals (only accessible for RUG emplyees and students) for setting up wireless internet via Eduroam for Windows, Mac, Android, iPhone, Blackberry, Linux

Note: UMCG employees have to log in differently to Eduroam

UMCG employees can also use Eduroam wireless internet, by loggin in with the username of your UMCG-network account name followed by (for example Use the same password you use to login at your UMCG workstation.

Guest access

Everyone can use the guest access (Guest UMCG) in the library. You do not have to set up anything, only indicate that you agree to the terms . When you want to access the full text of an article / book, you need to log in with your s-number , p-number or proxy account.
Last modified:April 14, 2016 13:00