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Wireless internet


Manuals (only accessible for RUG emplyees and students) for setting up wireless internet via Eduroam en RUG Guest / UMCG Guest for Windows, Mac, Android, iPhone, Blackberry, Linux

Note: UMCG employees have to log in differently to Eduroam

UMCG employees can also use Eduroam wireless internet, by loggin in with the username of your UMCG-network account name followed by (for example Use the same password you use to login at your UMCG workstation.

Guest access

Everyone can use the guest access ( Guest UMCG ) in the library. You do not have to set up anything, only indicate that you agree to the terms . When you want to access the full text of an article / book, you need to log in with your s-number , p-number or proxy account.
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