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Tips for mobile, tablet and PC

On your tablet

the library on your tablet PC

Journal App "BrowZine"

The library has a license for the journal app called BrowZine for staff and students of the UMCG and the University.
Download BrowZine on your tablet or smartphone and log in with your proxy-account (UMCG staff), p-number (RUG staff) or s-number (students)
Read more about BrowZine at our Startpage E-Journals.

Borrow an iPad at the CMB

The CMB lends iPads to staff members. Many medical apps are installed on the CMB iPads. This is an overview of the installed apps with reviews of our users. If you are interested in borrowing an iPad, you can register here .
Lending conditions and technical details

Apps and services everyone should know

WhatDescriptionfree / not freeiPad or Android
WebDAV Access to your X: and Y : drive for RUG staff and studentsfreeiPad
Citrix Receiver for iPad Access via your WOA ( Remote Workplace ) for UMCG stafffreeiPad or Android
Proxy-Bookmarklet A Bookmark in your tablet browser that gives you access to the fulltext easyfreeiPad
Proxy-server Remote access to library collections such as e -journalsfreeiPad or Android
UMCG mail on your tablet Install your UMCG email on your talbetfreeiPad or Android
Wireless internet Setting up wireless network via Eduroam or RUG -Guest / Guest UMCG freeiPad or Android
Papers Your own library with for example articles from PubMednot freeiPad
GoodReader Pdf readernot freeiPad
Documents To Go For Word, Excel & PowerPointnot freeiPad

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