Charles M Saunders | 2018-01-26 20:12:12

Greetings Dr. Thomas, Because of your interest in 'time' and whatsoever relations among its conundrums might be clarified or at least comprehended in some measure, thought you might find interesting Chapter one; Time, Duration and Eternity and Chapter two; The Assay of Time, from H. F. Hallett's, Aeternitas, Oxford, Clarendon, 1930. Attempting to qualify one's own relationship with 'Duration' and how we can claim to have any knowledge whatever about time is certainly a humbling experience. It makes me tentative and inclined to limit any claim to 'knowledge' on the subject. As a Spinoza author Epistemiologist and philosopher of Mind it seems to me that without a life within one's mind, interconnected to the external world in a real sense, then there appears to be 1- no human experience or firsthand knowledge of time outside of our tiny slice of present duration and therefore, 2- no grounds or capability to make any meaningful statement about time. Oh yes, and my pithy little comment should not deter you at all from the quality work you are undertaking to unravel the mystery of humans and time. My books on Spinoza's "Ethics" are available on Philpapers. Letters to No One in Particular, and To Discern Divinity All the Best, Charles

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