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University Medical Center Groningen

Research Institute SHARE

Research Institute SHARE was established in the 1980s as an institute mainly to carry out applied research in the field of Health Sciences. As of 2012, nine scientific research programmes, each with their own core fields of research, are embedded in the institute.

SHARE's mission is to elucidate factors related to health, notably Healthy Ageing. We perform investigations into determinants and consequences of illness and ageing, quality of life, care and cure. The research is conducted within multiple interdisciplinary research programs. We investigate and evaluate factors which are patient-related (psychosocial, onset of affective disorders, genetic predisposition) and / or healthcare system related (rehabilitation programs, pharmacotherapeutic interventions, public and occupational health, legal and ethical values).

Research Focus

Research is focused on:

  • improving adaptation to disease
  • improving the societal participation of patients with chronic somatic and mental disease
  • studying cost-effectiveness and efficacy of pharmaceutical and psychosocial interventions  

Researchers of SHARE are cooperating with partners within the Aletta Jacobs School of Public Health .