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Zeiss LSM 7MP

Zeiss 7 mp on the left side
Zeiss 7 mp on the left side


·         "Plan Neofluar" 5x/0.16  M27 (WD=18.5mm)

·         W “Plan Apochromat" 20x/1.0 DIC (WD=1.8mm), (UV) VIS IR

·          W "Plan Apochromat" 40x/1.0 DIC (WD=2.5mm), VIS IR

·         "C Achroplan" 32x/0.85 W Corr VIS IR, (WD=1.1mm at D=0.17mm) (D=0 - 0.17mm)

(The C Achroplan 32x/0.85 W objective is optimally tailored to meet the

Requirements of multiphoton microscopy. The excellent chromatic correction

in the IR range and the high transmission beyond 100 nm permit the unrestricted

use at different excitation wavelengths in multiphoton microscopy. The objective’s

tandard dimensions,correction adjustment to specimens with and without cover slips

as well as water immersion provide optimum conditions for imaging living specimens)


·         2Photon: 680-1080 nm tunable

·         OPO: 1000-1280 nm tunable


·         External detection module BiG incident  light  (reflection) 2 channels

BIG filters: 380-430/470-515, 420-480/500-550, 460-500/525-560, 490 lp/500-550, 500-550/575-610, 525-560/650-705

·         External detection module PMT DC/transmitted 2 channels

·         Camera: AxioCam MRm Rev.

(1.4 Mega pixel  Pixel size: 6.45 um x 6.45 um)


·         Incubator XL S1 DARK (temp controlled)

·         Universal mounting frame

·         Tiling, z-stack,  positions,  timelapse  in  different combinations possible

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