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Leica TCS SP8 confocal

leica sp8
leica sp8

Specifications Leica  SP8 Confocal microscope

Leica DMI 6000 Inverted microscope with fully motorized objective nosepiece and fluorescence filter cube change,

Motorized stage

Brightfield and Differential Interference Contrast(DIC) transmitted light and incident light fluorescence.

Hg 100 w mercury lamp and 3 Leica filter cubes:

◘ I3 (blue excitationBP 450-490)  

◘ N2.1 (BP 515-560 excitation, LP emission 515)

◘ A (LP emission 590)


AVAILABLE OBJECTIVES (magnification/NA, immersion)

◘ HC PL APO CS 10x/0,30   dry      

◘ HC PL APO CS2 40x/1,3   oil      

◘ HC PL APO CS2 63x/1,4   oil



◘ 405nm UV laser 50mW

◘ 488nm Blue laser 20mW

◘ 552nm Green Laser 20mW

◘ 638nm Red LAser 30mW



Spectral Confocal Module based on prism with high sensitivity multiband detection system.

LIAChroic beamsplitters

Two confocal detection channels for reflection and fluorescence with tunable band-width and central wavelength in continuous and independent form for each channel.

One detection channel for transmitted light. (DIC)

Maximum scanning resolution of 8192x 8192 pixels with a dynamic range of 12 bits per channel.

Maximum scanning speed of 7 frames per second, 512X512.

Scanfield max: 21,2 mm diagonal.



Control panel with seven digital potentiometers for parameter setting

Working station with one 30'' monitor


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